poor mooos

crazy snow.. sooo much snow.

unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to do much photo taking... sometimes work has to take priority - the boys words not mine! hey ho did have a quick trip through the farm with my brother to see his new born cows. poor things are only one day old and are already just chilling in the snow with only straw and hay to keep them company.

this year as the bull was called spud they're all being named after different potato varieties... so so far we have Cara, Maris and Piper.. they're very cute..

ps... sneak peak of the venue... hopefully in august it will look very different!


soooooo coooooold

wellies and thermal socks are on.. yet I'm still so cold.

went looking for my christmas mojo in church today singing carols by candle light.. helped a little but not fully there yet.. snow on the ground is helping but still being in the office at 9.30 at night is what i think may be killing it!

once the office door closes and mulled wine is in my hand tomorrow i'm sure my mojo will be back.


beautiful fashion

i wanted to share this with you. it's some of the latest work done by the very clever and talented petra storrs. 

I think it's so simple and clever.

i hope you like.


more inspiration

so.. i think i'm going to have to start a wedding of the week or something! can't quite commit to that at the moment so at the moment it can be quite simply inspiration.

i love this wedding.

it's again got that handmade feel to it that i love. i think i also love it as i can relate to the venue, i'm a farmers daughter so any fields and open green spaces always makes me think of home. i can definitely see some of these photos going on the mood board. the flowers i just think are perfect, not over done just beautiful and natural. there is also her dress and headband - not ott but a little different and special.

i promise to post all about the location of our wedding soon.. it's all so charmless outdoors at the moment that i can't quite picture it.. but now that my evenings are once again free i'm hoping that i can get stuck into this little blogging world of mine.. and  promise it won't all be about weddings!

all photos by Jagger Photography and can be found here and here


booked and done!

so as i hoped all the big bits have got booked this week.. we have a date!

ohhhh it's all a little more real!

went and saw the vicar, little ian. he's a very sweet man and to be honest i'm not sure if we'd be having a religious wedding without him. i've known him for 12 years now and he's a real character.. i have over the years struggled with religion it's views, beliefs and practices.. but every time i see ian in action he just talks a lot of sense and focuses on the good things religion should do/be. he's actually moving so we're even more lucky as he's going to come back specially for us!

we have found an amazing photographer.. i'm so excited! to me the most important element of the day.. no pressure chloe! to be honest i'm so much happier behind the camera, we both are, so we've set chloe a huge challange..

marquee is nearly there - waiting for a few other quotes.. and also booked up the caterer.

now i want to confirm that i'm not a wedding planner or super woman.. its been easy really as i've always known how i was going to get married location/venue, and the other bits are all just all recommended and found over the past year or so.. but...

now i'm stuck.. i've got all the colouring in to do... i don't know where to start! also got to start thinking about the dreaded dress!

i think i'm going to leave it now till after Christmas.. even though two beloved friends who have gotten married over the past year or so have given me a countdown clock they both used.. so every time i go to bed i can see the seconds counting down..but without question there is plenty of time.. and it's all going to be fun!..?


dave at play

just thought i'd post these photos..

dave and i had the day together yesterday. after spending the whole day on saturday celebrating with beautiful friends i was feeling a little worse for wear - but dave was having non of my moping and we had to have a full on tuggle war.. he won every time! poor super ted is now in my sewing basket ready to be mended (again).

got a busy week this week.. doing something very embarrassing - that i can't decide whether to tell you about! thinking of the street cred... can you guess what it is... here's a clue..

"oh no you can't!"


weddings, weddings, weddings

so the craziness has begun.. what a week!

both the boy and i have been bed ridden with vile bug that has left us with two empty boxes of tissues, countless empty boxes of over priced medicine and not a lot of work done! hey ho finally feeling like my old self and am ready to start tackling this wedding.

i have to say for the last couple of months i've been having a love affair with wedding blogs such as once wed and style me pretty and been coming up with a few ideas. as always i start everything with a mood board (the fashion student in me) and even though this is a folder full off a million images at the moment there is one wedding that sums up what i want. not in detail, but in feel and atmosphere... i love the simple beauty of this wedding, it's so fresh, green, happy and original.. everything I want my day to be.

so we've achieved a lot this week.. it's been a case of finding that all important date. the venue is an out door one (i'll tell you more about this soon) so we had to go for a summer date as fine weather really would be/is needed. i would of loved late june as it's so green and lush that time of year but as the boys family are teachers it had to be during the holidays.. also have my mums twin older son getting married late july and had been told that our date couldn't be too near theres*. then with the few dates we had we had to make sure we could get the essentials all together on the same day.. caterer, marquee, photographer, vicar etc so it's been a week of phoning around and keeping our fingers crossed. i hope we're nearly there now.. waiting to hear back from the band and got that all important meeting with the vicar so fingers crossed by tuesday i'll be able to breath a (little) sigh of relief and get everything confirmed and booked.

the real eye opener this week has been how much it's all going to cost and getting a budget in place. i've been really naive in the cost of a wedding.. laughed at the average costs i've read about and thought i'd be able to put this amazing event together for not a lot. but glass truly shattered and i came back to the ground with a big bang and a few tears..! i have amazing people around me though who soon picked me up and together we've put our figures together and the only thing we're focusing on is throwing one hell of a party that will become the best day of our lives and one that we will all enjoy and remember.

Tec and Chelsea's beautiful wedding found here on once wed | all photos by: jose villa

* very large family who all live in norfolk so when it comes to weddings everyone becomes involved.. so therefor it's easier to keep our distance on dates.. a little!



so what a wonderful holiday. not only did i have a relaxing break but i also got engaged! (still doesn't seem real!) i had thought for a while that there was a possibility of it happening whilst on holiday.. but the boy played it so cool i had had to convince myself it wasn't! so when it did i was so shocked.. it was a really weird feeling.. like there was a sudden spot light on me and everyone was watching..

but what a fabulous place for it to happen and how special is barcelona to me now.

we're not the biggest travelers so it took us a moment to find our footing and the little spanish/catalian we know but after the first hiccup (getting off the aero bus too early!) we soon got the hang of it. i have to say our trip consisted of art galleries, walking, photography, coffee and tapas.. oh and wine! but i really feel we made the best out of our little time there.

highlights were the Miro museum, market on the Rambela (best paella ever), tapas at piscolabis, park Guell and the weather! it was such a fantastic city to walk around.. but our poor legs by the end of each day were so so tired! the hotel we stayed at was fantastic.. it was a good mixture of cool and comfortable without being over priced and pretentious! I would really recommend it to any one thinking about going.

anyway last friday we came  back to crazy celebrations, mothers in law staying and a really bad cold! first day i'm feeling fighting fit so can now start thinking all things weddings.. something i've been planning all my life! cannot wait!

photos by the boy and me x



on 25.11.09

my boy

asked me

at the top of Park Guell in Barcelona

to marry him

i said yes

i've never been happier


off to bath..

so holiday's starting a day early.. we've decided to pop to bath to spend some time with the boy's family before .. du du dum.. barcelona! bath is one of my favorite places so will be good to spend a little time there.. being pampered by beautiful fran from no3 hairdressing - the coolest hair salon in bath! i've been feeling tired and horrid recently so putting all my faith in fran to make me feel cool and glamorous again..... does anyone else see their hairdresser as some miracle worker..! poor fran!

anyway i'll let you know how it goes..! now have to try and concentrate on getting into holiday mode.. shouldn't be too hard!

photographs by: robert hollingworth | website by us x



as thought week is now flying by... can't stop for long but just wanted to share this photographer with you..

it's everything the country should be... i just wish i was the girl...

photograph by: andrew pearse



sooo.. it's been a long time since i've done some illustration's. i'm very shy about my work and not very good at liking what i do. anyway today i was playing around with a little character 'birdie' who came out of no where. he made me smile so i thought i'd share him with you. x

my boys

quite simply this morning i wish i was here.. in bed with my boys...


meetings and heels...

ohh.. what a busy week. can't believe we've already hit saturday. only 9 day's till the holiday.. arrr i'm so excited but there's so much left to do and so much not going to be done. had a great meeting in london on thursday.. it was good being in the city and walking on concrete. took my wellies off and got all dressed up which was fun.. but ended up doing a bit to much walking so my really high heels by the end of the day weren't such a good idea! heading back to the city today for a girlie weekend - cocktails and markets are high on the agenda even though mustn't spend too much and must wear more practical footwear.

next week we've got a few projects to complete so i'm sure it's going to be another busy one. getting hair done which is exciting but after once walking out of a salon with purple/black hair and lavender streaks have never completely trusted hairdressers!

anyway i'll let you all know how my weekend goes.. hope you all have a fabulous one and i'll see you next week!