if it wasn't raining...

where would I be.. easy answer

the weekends are a time for seeing friends or/and fresh air. Here are some photos of a beautiful, long walk we did the other weekend. if you've never been to norfolk then you haven't seen our beautiful beaches. one of our new favorite places is well-next-the-sea. not only do you have the colourful beach-huts and wispy sand dunes.. but over a sandy hill lie an enchanted wood.

this time of year woods have to be my favorite place. this one's particularly special along every track there are fallen down trees to climb and walk along, rope swings and wigwams! as it was early autumn the trees were only just starting to change but there was plenty of colours and the berries were ripe.

childhood memories...

oh how I love straw bales... in playing with our new toy I took these images but in doing so I stirred up some long lost memories. as a farmers daughter the farmyard was our playground.. I have many memories of trying to jump from one to the other. standing hostage on one.. or when it got really fun climbing up a mountain of them and running as quickly as you can along the top...

i think on a slow day i might have to take the boy to relive this memory.. but without the freedom of childhood.. it might not be so much fun...?


is one enough..?

Once again I am tempted by something I already own! Ok this one looks all crisp and new and my one is sadly over worn and loved.. but why would I need something I've already got? Maybe because it's such a great piece of jewellery, simple, tactile and little bit different and special.

As I got mine 2 Christmas's ago maybe I should leave it off my list - but surely a girl who works hard can treat herself.. but do I really need a dark grey one as well as a light grey one..?

Bracelets are currently online at shopatanna in two colour ways.. Be quick though these beauties don't last long!


a little bit about me

welcome to my blog.. after falling in love with everyone elses I thought I’d write my own. Here's a little about me to start.