if it wasn't raining...

where would I be.. easy answer

the weekends are a time for seeing friends or/and fresh air. Here are some photos of a beautiful, long walk we did the other weekend. if you've never been to norfolk then you haven't seen our beautiful beaches. one of our new favorite places is well-next-the-sea. not only do you have the colourful beach-huts and wispy sand dunes.. but over a sandy hill lie an enchanted wood.

this time of year woods have to be my favorite place. this one's particularly special along every track there are fallen down trees to climb and walk along, rope swings and wigwams! as it was early autumn the trees were only just starting to change but there was plenty of colours and the berries were ripe.


  1. Woods AND beaches? In the same place? Heaven.

    I grew up on an island so beaches were always plentiful but it was so windy that nothing grew over a foot tall so woods have always seemed most magical to me.

    Your photos are beautiful, I can almost smell the sea air and the autumn mulch of the woods.

  2. Norfolk looks a lovely place. I think I would like to visit. Beaches are my favourite places to walk & think.