is one enough..?

Once again I am tempted by something I already own! Ok this one looks all crisp and new and my one is sadly over worn and loved.. but why would I need something I've already got? Maybe because it's such a great piece of jewellery, simple, tactile and little bit different and special.

As I got mine 2 Christmas's ago maybe I should leave it off my list - but surely a girl who works hard can treat herself.. but do I really need a dark grey one as well as a light grey one..?

Bracelets are currently online at shopatanna in two colour ways.. Be quick though these beauties don't last long!


  1. I feel exactly the same! I have a light grey one, i got given about 2 years ago, and have been meaning to buy another!!
    I get so many compliments from this!

  2. Ok, so you made this post nearly a year ago, but I 've only just come across it. Do you know who makes this bracelet, or where indeed I may be able to find one?

    Thanks - love your blog by the way - your wedding looked totally beautiful and really fun (as all good weddings should be!)