off to bath..

so holiday's starting a day early.. we've decided to pop to bath to spend some time with the boy's family before .. du du dum.. barcelona! bath is one of my favorite places so will be good to spend a little time there.. being pampered by beautiful fran from no3 hairdressing - the coolest hair salon in bath! i've been feeling tired and horrid recently so putting all my faith in fran to make me feel cool and glamorous again..... does anyone else see their hairdresser as some miracle worker..! poor fran!

anyway i'll let you know how it goes..! now have to try and concentrate on getting into holiday mode.. shouldn't be too hard!

photographs by: robert hollingworth | website by us x



as thought week is now flying by... can't stop for long but just wanted to share this photographer with you..

it's everything the country should be... i just wish i was the girl...

photograph by: andrew pearse



sooo.. it's been a long time since i've done some illustration's. i'm very shy about my work and not very good at liking what i do. anyway today i was playing around with a little character 'birdie' who came out of no where. he made me smile so i thought i'd share him with you. x

my boys

quite simply this morning i wish i was here.. in bed with my boys...


meetings and heels...

ohh.. what a busy week. can't believe we've already hit saturday. only 9 day's till the holiday.. arrr i'm so excited but there's so much left to do and so much not going to be done. had a great meeting in london on thursday.. it was good being in the city and walking on concrete. took my wellies off and got all dressed up which was fun.. but ended up doing a bit to much walking so my really high heels by the end of the day weren't such a good idea! heading back to the city today for a girlie weekend - cocktails and markets are high on the agenda even though mustn't spend too much and must wear more practical footwear.

next week we've got a few projects to complete so i'm sure it's going to be another busy one. getting hair done which is exciting but after once walking out of a salon with purple/black hair and lavender streaks have never completely trusted hairdressers!

anyway i'll let you all know how my weekend goes.. hope you all have a fabulous one and i'll see you next week!


finer details

feeling a little low today.. the sun and blue sky has gone leaving behind grey cold mist. hey ho i'm sure i'll feel better tomorrow...


wellies needed

hope you had a fun weekend...


d a v e

i thought i'd take this opportunity to introduce you to dave...

one of the first things we did when we moved to the country to start our company was to get a dog. the boy and i swiftly decided we wanted a small one but he insisted that it had to be manly as well..? i had grown up with standard dachshunds and loved the breed - they have such a funny independence and a real ballsiness about them.. anyway after a lot of research we ended up going for a miniature wire haired daccy and dave was born.

honestly he is the best thing ever.. he's so small.. like a real life teddy bear.. he's very independent, not hugely fond of other dogs but loves humans.. as he's so small we can get away with not walking him everyday but equally if we do take him for one he'll never tire. he doesn't go out in the rain - literally will not step outside - we have to kick him or carry him to get him from a to b..and he's equally happy in the city or country... he also looks a little bit like snoopy in some angles.. even though different colour..

you'll be seeing a lot of him I'm sure so i won't go on.. but i just wanted you to meet him!


16 days

woop woop.. only 16 days till my holiday begins. off to barcelona for the first time and can't wait for this mini break.

only thing is we've got such a long list of work to clear before then.. also must sort out my hair and decide what i need to pack.

if anyone's got any barcelona tips please let me know x x

image: Vicky Cristina Barcelona


simply beautiful

my two favorite things mixed together - photography and illustration. these images have such a life and atmosphere about them.. if only i could be so clever.. Dmitry Maximov i salute you x

you can see more of his work by clicking here, the posts in French so I've done a translation:

"Heart blow for the style of Dmitry Maximov, an artist and Russian illustrator in origin of extremely gifted Moscow for the photos manipulations. A subtle mixture and mysterious drawings, presented in unreal settings."


if space looked like this

i'd so want to go. i love the simplicity of these posters, they have a very retro feel using colours that conjure up the 60's and 70's, but also stand out with the simplistic style of graphic design at the moment. they're by uk designer simon page - follow this link to see them all in they're true glory.

posters by simon page


location, location, location

as an overly romantic daydreamer i dream of jane austin living. beautifully upholstered furniture, conversation by candle light, fabric covered walls and overly decorated furniture... as i fell in love with a modern product designer i have to keep all these romantic dreams out of my own home.. but luckily with one of our latest projects i got to at least walk around and almost be apart of regency life... may i introduce to you the beautiful little lost world that is bayfield hall.

after getting a tour of the house and the opportunity to pour ourselves over the mountain of beautiful images we wanted to create them a website that truly showed off the location and all it's glory. the owners are the most wonderful couple who are so accommodating. the location can be hired for films, photo shoots, weddings and parties, with the likes of vogue, m and s and hacket using the location to the best of its advantages. as soon as i got there tim walker's imagination came to me and i wish i were a fashion photographer with a brief to fill from vogue.

also if anyone's looking for a wedding venue in the country i couldn't recommend this one more. they have a range of options from a service in the ruin church to a champagne reception is the old ball room and a marquee in the woods. there is also accommodation available. a few beautiful restored bedrooms or a whole indian camp of tipi's in the woods.

take a look at the website and let me know your thoughts.

all images © Bayfield Hall, Norfolk