d a v e

i thought i'd take this opportunity to introduce you to dave...

one of the first things we did when we moved to the country to start our company was to get a dog. the boy and i swiftly decided we wanted a small one but he insisted that it had to be manly as well..? i had grown up with standard dachshunds and loved the breed - they have such a funny independence and a real ballsiness about them.. anyway after a lot of research we ended up going for a miniature wire haired daccy and dave was born.

honestly he is the best thing ever.. he's so small.. like a real life teddy bear.. he's very independent, not hugely fond of other dogs but loves humans.. as he's so small we can get away with not walking him everyday but equally if we do take him for one he'll never tire. he doesn't go out in the rain - literally will not step outside - we have to kick him or carry him to get him from a to b..and he's equally happy in the city or country... he also looks a little bit like snoopy in some angles.. even though different colour..

you'll be seeing a lot of him I'm sure so i won't go on.. but i just wanted you to meet him!

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  1. oh he is absolutely adorable. I so have dog fever! If I ever got a dog it would have to be one like Dave. And animals with human names is brilliant.