off to bath..

so holiday's starting a day early.. we've decided to pop to bath to spend some time with the boy's family before .. du du dum.. barcelona! bath is one of my favorite places so will be good to spend a little time there.. being pampered by beautiful fran from no3 hairdressing - the coolest hair salon in bath! i've been feeling tired and horrid recently so putting all my faith in fran to make me feel cool and glamorous again..... does anyone else see their hairdresser as some miracle worker..! poor fran!

anyway i'll let you know how it goes..! now have to try and concentrate on getting into holiday mode.. shouldn't be too hard!

photographs by: robert hollingworth | website by us x


  1. she made me cool! I'm loving my new hair!

  2. I just had my haircut there and would love you use your images to use on my blog, hope thats ok. I'll add in a link to your page xxx
    great blog as well!