meetings and heels...

ohh.. what a busy week. can't believe we've already hit saturday. only 9 day's till the holiday.. arrr i'm so excited but there's so much left to do and so much not going to be done. had a great meeting in london on thursday.. it was good being in the city and walking on concrete. took my wellies off and got all dressed up which was fun.. but ended up doing a bit to much walking so my really high heels by the end of the day weren't such a good idea! heading back to the city today for a girlie weekend - cocktails and markets are high on the agenda even though mustn't spend too much and must wear more practical footwear.

next week we've got a few projects to complete so i'm sure it's going to be another busy one. getting hair done which is exciting but after once walking out of a salon with purple/black hair and lavender streaks have never completely trusted hairdressers!

anyway i'll let you all know how my weekend goes.. hope you all have a fabulous one and i'll see you next week!

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  1. Primrose Hill I see, quite a lovely spot for a meeting. Nice shoes too!