so what a wonderful holiday. not only did i have a relaxing break but i also got engaged! (still doesn't seem real!) i had thought for a while that there was a possibility of it happening whilst on holiday.. but the boy played it so cool i had had to convince myself it wasn't! so when it did i was so shocked.. it was a really weird feeling.. like there was a sudden spot light on me and everyone was watching..

but what a fabulous place for it to happen and how special is barcelona to me now.

we're not the biggest travelers so it took us a moment to find our footing and the little spanish/catalian we know but after the first hiccup (getting off the aero bus too early!) we soon got the hang of it. i have to say our trip consisted of art galleries, walking, photography, coffee and tapas.. oh and wine! but i really feel we made the best out of our little time there.

highlights were the Miro museum, market on the Rambela (best paella ever), tapas at piscolabis, park Guell and the weather! it was such a fantastic city to walk around.. but our poor legs by the end of each day were so so tired! the hotel we stayed at was fantastic.. it was a good mixture of cool and comfortable without being over priced and pretentious! I would really recommend it to any one thinking about going.

anyway last friday we came  back to crazy celebrations, mothers in law staying and a really bad cold! first day i'm feeling fighting fit so can now start thinking all things weddings.. something i've been planning all my life! cannot wait!

photos by the boy and me x

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