booked and done!

so as i hoped all the big bits have got booked this week.. we have a date!

ohhhh it's all a little more real!

went and saw the vicar, little ian. he's a very sweet man and to be honest i'm not sure if we'd be having a religious wedding without him. i've known him for 12 years now and he's a real character.. i have over the years struggled with religion it's views, beliefs and practices.. but every time i see ian in action he just talks a lot of sense and focuses on the good things religion should do/be. he's actually moving so we're even more lucky as he's going to come back specially for us!

we have found an amazing photographer.. i'm so excited! to me the most important element of the day.. no pressure chloe! to be honest i'm so much happier behind the camera, we both are, so we've set chloe a huge challange..

marquee is nearly there - waiting for a few other quotes.. and also booked up the caterer.

now i want to confirm that i'm not a wedding planner or super woman.. its been easy really as i've always known how i was going to get married location/venue, and the other bits are all just all recommended and found over the past year or so.. but...

now i'm stuck.. i've got all the colouring in to do... i don't know where to start! also got to start thinking about the dreaded dress!

i think i'm going to leave it now till after Christmas.. even though two beloved friends who have gotten married over the past year or so have given me a countdown clock they both used.. so every time i go to bed i can see the seconds counting down..but without question there is plenty of time.. and it's all going to be fun!..?


  1. Oh I am in the same position and ridiculously overwhelmed! Brain storming will now ensue!

  2. I don't believe you, you must be super woman! Good luck with the rest of the details and the dress hunting.

  3. No pressure at all!! with all your ideas and the fact that you two are both gorgeous AND having an outdoor wedding... I couldn't ask for more greatness to photograph!