more inspiration

so.. i think i'm going to have to start a wedding of the week or something! can't quite commit to that at the moment so at the moment it can be quite simply inspiration.

i love this wedding.

it's again got that handmade feel to it that i love. i think i also love it as i can relate to the venue, i'm a farmers daughter so any fields and open green spaces always makes me think of home. i can definitely see some of these photos going on the mood board. the flowers i just think are perfect, not over done just beautiful and natural. there is also her dress and headband - not ott but a little different and special.

i promise to post all about the location of our wedding soon.. it's all so charmless outdoors at the moment that i can't quite picture it.. but now that my evenings are once again free i'm hoping that i can get stuck into this little blogging world of mine.. and  promise it won't all be about weddings!

all photos by Jagger Photography and can be found here and here

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  1. Homemade coutryside vintage chic - love it!
    And I'm feeling so the same about trying and failing to picture summertime right now. I almost wore TWO wooly hats this morning!