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so the craziness has begun.. what a week!

both the boy and i have been bed ridden with vile bug that has left us with two empty boxes of tissues, countless empty boxes of over priced medicine and not a lot of work done! hey ho finally feeling like my old self and am ready to start tackling this wedding.

i have to say for the last couple of months i've been having a love affair with wedding blogs such as once wed and style me pretty and been coming up with a few ideas. as always i start everything with a mood board (the fashion student in me) and even though this is a folder full off a million images at the moment there is one wedding that sums up what i want. not in detail, but in feel and atmosphere... i love the simple beauty of this wedding, it's so fresh, green, happy and original.. everything I want my day to be.

so we've achieved a lot this week.. it's been a case of finding that all important date. the venue is an out door one (i'll tell you more about this soon) so we had to go for a summer date as fine weather really would be/is needed. i would of loved late june as it's so green and lush that time of year but as the boys family are teachers it had to be during the holidays.. also have my mums twin older son getting married late july and had been told that our date couldn't be too near theres*. then with the few dates we had we had to make sure we could get the essentials all together on the same day.. caterer, marquee, photographer, vicar etc so it's been a week of phoning around and keeping our fingers crossed. i hope we're nearly there now.. waiting to hear back from the band and got that all important meeting with the vicar so fingers crossed by tuesday i'll be able to breath a (little) sigh of relief and get everything confirmed and booked.

the real eye opener this week has been how much it's all going to cost and getting a budget in place. i've been really naive in the cost of a wedding.. laughed at the average costs i've read about and thought i'd be able to put this amazing event together for not a lot. but glass truly shattered and i came back to the ground with a big bang and a few tears..! i have amazing people around me though who soon picked me up and together we've put our figures together and the only thing we're focusing on is throwing one hell of a party that will become the best day of our lives and one that we will all enjoy and remember.

Tec and Chelsea's beautiful wedding found here on once wed | all photos by: jose villa

* very large family who all live in norfolk so when it comes to weddings everyone becomes involved.. so therefor it's easier to keep our distance on dates.. a little!


  1. The shots you've put up are beautiful... easy enough for you to recreate I'd imagine, especially in Norfolk. My mum lives there & it's beautiful :)

  2. You have a wonderful blog! I hope you feel better. I got sick like that the day after Thanksgiving & it was not fun at all.

  3. what a beautiful wedding! so vintage and inspiring.

  4. Seriously are you actually a wedding planner and I've not picked that up? How have you managed to get all that organised so quickly? You've picked a caterer, venue and photographer already - what is your secret? Good luck with the meeting tomorrow.

  5. Impressive! I cannot wait to see how things unfold!

  6. Oh, I love Jose Villa very much. Perhaps you would like Mel Barlow too-although her imagery is not as soft. Deep breath, weddings aren't easy to organise but they are lots of fun.

    Looking forward to seeing the mood board and discussing your photography ideas.

  7. You've managed to organise more in a few days than I have in a year! Sounds (and looks) like it will be lush - can't wait to see your plans come together!