yum, yum, yum..

all my favourite things rolled into one.. photography, food and graphics..

this one's for my mum and georgina..

click here to see this amazing online magazine.. can't believe I've never seen this blog before!

All images from What Katie Ate


so bad week..

Monday - managed to completely mess up the boys email account on monday night.. resulting in a LOT of sofa banging and a very late night..

Tuesday worked from home because boy was so tired.. I drove in to pick up some bits from the office and had to drive back again as I got the wrong bits.. useless!

Wednesday - we were meant to go to a gig in Norwich.. couldn't be bothered to drive there so I treated the boy to a pub meal instead.. got home and our Boiler pump had gone - very cold house. Have to say our new boiler man is amazing.. he came out that night to fix it for us as he was going to be too busy to do it the next two days.. sometimes living in a small country community has it's perks!

Thursday - our very lovely new Apple Macbook Air has a paddy, refuses to turn on and then when it does seems to be having some sort of screen fit.. after calls to Apple we have to return computer to Norwich and have it accessed.. and to get new computer...

and in between all this manage to spend a FORTUNE on Christmas presents and pray they'll be delivered on time!

Nothings gone wrong today so far.. but as we've got the tiling to finish tonight there's still time! I'm still insisting on having a lovely weekend of Christmas and Birthdays.. So looking forward to it! Christmas shopping is officially done - except for a few bits and bobs still to come..  fingers crossed! NOw the fun bit's of Christmas start - wrapping, decorating, meeting friends and family, eating, drinking and making.. wooo hooo!

Also thanks for lovely comments on Calendar - Mum got it from country living fair and have had a good look and can't find it for sale anywhere online.. But it's illustrated by Sally Swannell and made by Phoenix Trading!

Let me know if anyone finds it!


thank god for...

the advent calendar! it's the only thing christmasy hanging around the house - well along with camp Dave! How cool is this.. we get to build a new house each day so we slowly build a little village.. the 24th we get to build a church - it really is by far the coolest one I've had for years - thanks mum x x

so no Christmas tree last weekend - all over I'm seeing everyone getting festive with lovely trees everywhere and yet I just feel like it can't possibly be christmas in 11 days as I have done nothing.. this week has not started well.. so it can only get better.. umm maybe not - this week the boy and I are learning how to tile - all looking good so far but I have a feeling the grouting is where it all might kick off!

hey ho - or hey ho ho ho... I'm looking forward to the weekend.. I am going to fester in all things Christmas to start getting me in the mood.. I'm thinking mulled wine, mince pies, christmas films, decorating, wrapping and wearing thick cosy socks and cardis.. umm sounds good.. also have to play dads birthday as well so tradition has always been that christmas only starts after his birthday - so I guess I'm not doing too badly!


oh christmas tree oh..

this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend, this weekend, next weekend....

mind should be on other things! dam distracting Christmas!

image by Rocky Top Studio: found here.. 


sunday with sarah..

so ASOS marketplace wanted to spend the weekend with Sarah and I was asked to play photographer.. I would of loved to have spent the whole weekend with her but only played together on Sunday. I has such a lovely day with her and her lovely family in their amazing family home in beautiful castle acre. her mum is the BEST cook and hostess and has always been so generous to Oli and I.. we'd even been round there for dinner on wednesday night to discuss her soon to be launched online shop.. keep your eyes peeled ladies it's going to be full of amazing jewelery..

anyway as you can see we had the best sunday ever which started with coffee and the most amazing smoked salmon - brought locally from burnham market - and scrambled eggs.. cold winter walk - dave in a waterproof coat with fleesy lining - all his clothes are coming out - crazy, thinks she's a lapdog lily who went swimming in minus conditions! pub lunch with a few friends, red wine and roaring fires - perfect.. DVD afternoon - easy virtue, not bad, watched with mulled wine and all finished off with the boy arriving to join us for an incredible sunday dinner..