so as a non sci-fi lover it's taken me a while to get to the new Avatar film.. the boy and I went last night to a 3D showing.. and oh my god.. it was amazing.

I am completely in awe of the beauty, creativity and originality of this film. Ok the plot is predictable.. but that kind of made you enjoy it more, you knew where it was going therefor you could concentrate more on the details.

both the boy and i left the cinema shocked.. and a little in love with giant blue people with tails! please if you haven't seen it go treat yourself to a 3D showing.. a-maz-ing....

what has happened to me this week.. seemed to have turned into a non girly boy sci-fi geek!

if you have seen it.. it was good.. right..?


dachshund bling..

so i'm not one for jewellery, in fact the only jewellery i ever wear is my engagement ring... but how cool is this! as the proud owner of a beautiful dachshund, dave, surely i should show my doggyness to the world! i don't think i would ever wear it but it is so cute... but i'm not sure if I can be that doggy... arrrrr it's so difficult when you want something but you know you'll never use it!

ummm i wonder if the bridesmaids will want them their favors.. I think not! Don't think it will go with the look! hey ho I guess dachshund bling just makes me smile.

bling made by Rachel Pfeffer and you can buy it from her etsy store or website...

promise i'll start posting about the wedding again soon. to be honest it's been a wedding free week. we've been working late every night so i've been having a few broken moments to write on here - as much to the boy's annoyance.. and a few other moments to browse on internet and look at everyone else blog.. more annoyance!

how is everyone else doing.. are there any stressed brides to be out there.. or are we all cool..? is january a month to keep your head to the ground and get on with plain old life and work..? or should i be doing more...


geeks ahoy..!

so for any other apple geeks out there, today is an exciting day. I think without question a new touch screen laptop/tablet will be launched but the question will be how much, when, what will it look like and what can it do.

the boy and i spend all day starring at a big apple iMac's then get home and argue over our MacBook Pro. This argument has got worse since October and starting this blog! I am obsessed.. the only problem is he usually ends up doing work in the evenings and there for, without question.. has the priority... so what a great excuse for a new toy!

we're all obsessed by mac's here.. my mum being the latest convert - ever since she got an iPhone for Christmas 2008 she's never off a mac product - iPhone or laptop either one and she's happy! i have to say my dad has shown what environments mac's can survive at.. take a look below at his workshop and the filthy keyboard and mouse!

so is anyone else interested in what apple have to say or am i the only one..?

other geeky habbit's include:
knowing far to much about and watching F1
playing computer games
watching Big Brother - maybe more sad than geeky!
and spending far to much time on computers!


So let me introduce the iPad.. Tasty huh! Bring on the giant iPhone fun!

images found here on apple store


farm wedding

can't help but get a little excited when I see weddings on farms.... this will be me and the boy come 14th August.. just with cow's instead of sheep!

photographs by: Belathee Photography

via Once Wed


and the winner is..

as always - Diane Kruger in a amazing gown by Jason Wu... honestly i don't know if I've ever seen anyone look so perfect! the man on her arm isn't to bad either.. who would of thought our little Pacey would grow up to be so handsome!

anyone else enjoying the award season..? makes me long for yesteryear and a time when you used to get dressed up for dinner..

images found here on popsugar

cool tune..

All UK lovies out there.. have you noticed the new Skins trailer..? It's so beautiful.. I'm loving the graphics and the tune... this video above doesn't do the advert justice but you can kind of get the gist!

watch this one to hear the whole tune.. I defy you not to dance!

tune is: The Reeling (bubblegum sci fi remix) by Passion Pit


dreaming of blue sky

what a week... i'm so pleased it's over. well nearly!

we have been so busy with new enquiries, old clients, new designs, meetings and late nights. our little company is just over 3 years old so it's exciting that we're now getting a name for ourselves and some really exciting projects.. time management is going to be key for 2010. We just wish we have time to update our own website!

the weather is charmless here today - muddy, grey and wet. trying to remember that warm sunny days exist.. these photos help me a bit but to be honest i just seem to hibernate this time of year.. this weekend will be spent curled on the sofa watching dvd's, cooking and cleaning. if i do see a little blue sky i may take dave for a walk.. but at the moment i just want to be warm, dry, clean, cosy and relaxed..

hope you have a little sun with you this weekend where ever you are..

Update: no DVD watching... why can I never find the time to relax! shopping in Zara did take place.. amazing dress for £9.90.. who could resist!


204 days

firstly how beautiful is this wedding...

woop woop for the amazing Chloe Browne - best London Photographer out there! Just seen that Once Wed have also featured this wedding.. I'm not surprised as it's one of the coolest i've seen for a long time, and trust me i've been looking at a lot of weddings! I love the floral details and the amazingly cool bridesmaids.. the whole wedding is just beautiful and don't think i've ever seen a happier bride and groom.. Please take a look here or here to see more of this one..

anyway back to little old me...

so i can officially say that all the big things are done.. Yeah! i would love to share my dress with you but i think my dad would kill me! also there's the chance the boy will see and i don't want to give him that temptation.. it's like none of the ones I posted here which is definitely making me nervous but i remember how i felt in the shop and i know i made the right choice.. the boy will love it.. (i hope.. arrrrrrrrhhhhh)

Venue - done
Photographer - done
Food - done
Dress - done!!!!!!

bridesmaids dresses.. i'm so excited about this. as my 3 lovely ladies came to offer their advice at the final dress try on we got to start talking about where we can go with their dresses and what they all should/could wear. one of my lovely ladies is one of the most talented designers and pattern cutters i know and i'm so excited that she's agreed to design and make the dresses.. yeahhh we studied fashion together and have always had a really good creative vibe so i can't wait to see what we're going to come up with. did some amazing fabric shopping in london over the weekend, berwick street is one of my most favourite places to go.. amazing, beautiful fabric shops.. ummm heaven! I can't wait to start getting some ideas on paper.. dam my day job! i just want to play weddings...

our wedding stationary and website - this is something for the boy and i to get stuck into... i just don't see when we're going to have the time! when do invites need to go out..? i guess we won't need our website before then..?

and then start thinking about decorations.. shoes.. veil... gifts.. readings... hymns.. music.. alcohol.. menu.. rings... honeymoon.. wedding list... and i'm sure a hundred more things..

204 days.. easy!...?

dress has definitely allowed our wedding to go in a definite direction which makes the colouring in so much easier.. now need to just start making decisions and enjoying the process.....


i have a dress

feel like julia roberts in pretty woman.. i have a dress - not a cocktail one but a wedding one!

wasn't the one i thought i'd get.. very exciting! will tell you more about it another day.. no time right now! But had to show you this image.. think i may just of found my wedding hair.. so beautiful! eyes might be a bit much but I love this hair...

now just going over to look at her website to see what other beauties she has... Anna Wolf - if this is anything to go by I'll be there for hours....!

image found on fffound


dresses dresses dresses

so it's wedding, wedding, wedding here... i can't tell you enough how consuming it all is! i have to say i'm thankful for the enthusiasm of my parents, they are amazing and have embraced the spirit of putting on the best wedding ever.. we've been having loads of ideas and have just started to put some into practice! But these can wait at the moment the most important thing to find/get is "the Dress"

6 months... 6 months... that's how long it takes to get a dress made! who knew. This gives me around a week to choose a dress... brilliant!

sooo like every other little girl i have been dreaming of my wedding dress for years. i was actually cleaning out my old room and found a few little designs that i had drawn up when i was around 11! Very cute... I think I must of been in a Jane Austin period as it's empire line with simple flowers in my hair.. Since dreaming and designing my dress it has always been decided that I would go off to London with my dad and mum to buy one.. am i the only one who's gone with my dad..? anyway i really wanted his opinion and we were very excited about the day. i only booked one appointment because he's not the best shopper and i didn't want to daunt him - this was probably a mistake as i now haven't really got time to shop around and that and tomorrow are the only days i'm really free.. arrrr...

as everyone tells you you always like the dresses you don't think you would... this is true. The two dresses i picked out the other day are completely different to what i thought i'd end up having.. this makes me slightly more nervous about making my choice as how can you know it's the right dress with 7 months to go. it got very good feed back from the folks but I'm taking my 3 girls with me to help me make this huge decisions.. i trust them completely so i'm sitting on it till i get there honest opinion... it will also be a good time to start thinking about what they're going to wear.

i've added below a few of the dresses that have caught my attention.. i love them all but the main feeling i got when i'd finished trying on the dresses is that it is your only chance to dress as a bride and some of the floatier ones i tried on just look like evening dresses..

anyway a choice i must make... i'll let you know how it goes!

images from: Amsale, Atonement, Browns Brides, Chloe, Breakfast at Tiffany's and not sure where else.. sorry x x



random post... but how cool is this image!

I hope everyone is keeping toastie where ever they are!

Image found here - cheers BBC x


busy busy

hello.. i am still alive!  taken me a while to bring myself back.. don't really know what to say so thought i'd just dive straight in and write anything.. but something!

hope everyone had a happy holiday! we really kicked our shoes off and relaxed and had some amazingly long lie ins... ummmm pure bliss. did make getting back to work a little intense... we have so much on at the moment, which from a business perspective is great but for wedding planning and blogging not so good!

anyway a lot was achieved... the most exciting being the Hart and Fuggle! for all you London foodies out there i have a great secret to share. an amazing friend of mine is opening up a pop up kitchen at the very cool rag factory in brick lane.. i have to say the concept is a new one for me but i love their idea of creating a working restaurant mixing food with art, coming and going... so last week was spent quickly coming up with a design for them so they can get the bookings underway as it will be here on the 5th February and gone by the 14th it was needed sooner rather than later! so if your looking for something a little different to cheer up February i couldn't recommend this more! I know they're going to do an amazing job! click here to learn a little more and have a look at they're menus..

wedding wise i think we're back on track. christmas and new year were very much a wedding organising free zone.. but last week saw the first dress trying on session... more to come on this... and a few more ideas how the whole thing's going to come together... all very exciting but a little manic!

right i'm off to do some blog reading as i have completely lost touch with everyone! back soon..