204 days

firstly how beautiful is this wedding...

woop woop for the amazing Chloe Browne - best London Photographer out there! Just seen that Once Wed have also featured this wedding.. I'm not surprised as it's one of the coolest i've seen for a long time, and trust me i've been looking at a lot of weddings! I love the floral details and the amazingly cool bridesmaids.. the whole wedding is just beautiful and don't think i've ever seen a happier bride and groom.. Please take a look here or here to see more of this one..

anyway back to little old me...

so i can officially say that all the big things are done.. Yeah! i would love to share my dress with you but i think my dad would kill me! also there's the chance the boy will see and i don't want to give him that temptation.. it's like none of the ones I posted here which is definitely making me nervous but i remember how i felt in the shop and i know i made the right choice.. the boy will love it.. (i hope.. arrrrrrrrhhhhh)

Venue - done
Photographer - done
Food - done
Dress - done!!!!!!

bridesmaids dresses.. i'm so excited about this. as my 3 lovely ladies came to offer their advice at the final dress try on we got to start talking about where we can go with their dresses and what they all should/could wear. one of my lovely ladies is one of the most talented designers and pattern cutters i know and i'm so excited that she's agreed to design and make the dresses.. yeahhh we studied fashion together and have always had a really good creative vibe so i can't wait to see what we're going to come up with. did some amazing fabric shopping in london over the weekend, berwick street is one of my most favourite places to go.. amazing, beautiful fabric shops.. ummm heaven! I can't wait to start getting some ideas on paper.. dam my day job! i just want to play weddings...

our wedding stationary and website - this is something for the boy and i to get stuck into... i just don't see when we're going to have the time! when do invites need to go out..? i guess we won't need our website before then..?

and then start thinking about decorations.. shoes.. veil... gifts.. readings... hymns.. music.. alcohol.. menu.. rings... honeymoon.. wedding list... and i'm sure a hundred more things..

204 days.. easy!...?

dress has definitely allowed our wedding to go in a definite direction which makes the colouring in so much easier.. now need to just start making decisions and enjoying the process.....


  1. Your Dad sounds wonderful, so funny that he'd be annoyed if you reveal your dress. Sounds like you are making great progress. :P

  2. Oooh how exciting... have to say I've been wondering - once I have a dress, how on earth will I be able not to show it to everyone at once?! May have to enlist someone to be my 'your dad'! ;)

  3. Thank you for a very sweet post- 'amazing' might be a bit of a stretch though!
    I am dying to see your dress and take beautiful photos of you both-with all this planning, your wedding is going to be amazing.