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hello.. i am still alive!  taken me a while to bring myself back.. don't really know what to say so thought i'd just dive straight in and write anything.. but something!

hope everyone had a happy holiday! we really kicked our shoes off and relaxed and had some amazingly long lie ins... ummmm pure bliss. did make getting back to work a little intense... we have so much on at the moment, which from a business perspective is great but for wedding planning and blogging not so good!

anyway a lot was achieved... the most exciting being the Hart and Fuggle! for all you London foodies out there i have a great secret to share. an amazing friend of mine is opening up a pop up kitchen at the very cool rag factory in brick lane.. i have to say the concept is a new one for me but i love their idea of creating a working restaurant mixing food with art, coming and going... so last week was spent quickly coming up with a design for them so they can get the bookings underway as it will be here on the 5th February and gone by the 14th it was needed sooner rather than later! so if your looking for something a little different to cheer up February i couldn't recommend this more! I know they're going to do an amazing job! click here to learn a little more and have a look at they're menus..

wedding wise i think we're back on track. christmas and new year were very much a wedding organising free zone.. but last week saw the first dress trying on session... more to come on this... and a few more ideas how the whole thing's going to come together... all very exciting but a little manic!

right i'm off to do some blog reading as i have completely lost touch with everyone! back soon..

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  1. Welcome back - I missed you and your lovely photos and even your lightening speed wedding planning. Glad you had a relaxing break - looking forward to hearing all about the wedding stuff and everything else.