dachshund bling..

so i'm not one for jewellery, in fact the only jewellery i ever wear is my engagement ring... but how cool is this! as the proud owner of a beautiful dachshund, dave, surely i should show my doggyness to the world! i don't think i would ever wear it but it is so cute... but i'm not sure if I can be that doggy... arrrrr it's so difficult when you want something but you know you'll never use it!

ummm i wonder if the bridesmaids will want them their favors.. I think not! Don't think it will go with the look! hey ho I guess dachshund bling just makes me smile.

bling made by Rachel Pfeffer and you can buy it from her etsy store or website...

promise i'll start posting about the wedding again soon. to be honest it's been a wedding free week. we've been working late every night so i've been having a few broken moments to write on here - as much to the boy's annoyance.. and a few other moments to browse on internet and look at everyone else blog.. more annoyance!

how is everyone else doing.. are there any stressed brides to be out there.. or are we all cool..? is january a month to keep your head to the ground and get on with plain old life and work..? or should i be doing more...


  1. This is so cute, I want one of these too!

  2. My friend has two miniture daschunds I should so get her that necklace. I'd put myself on the stressed bride-to-be list at the moment, trying to keep all the balls in the air at the same time is not very relaxing.

  3. I love Dave! We used to have a wire-haired dachshund called Brillo (because he was rough like a brillo pad). I do miss him so. Hopefully getting a lurcher soon, which will be a little different!