dreaming of blue sky

what a week... i'm so pleased it's over. well nearly!

we have been so busy with new enquiries, old clients, new designs, meetings and late nights. our little company is just over 3 years old so it's exciting that we're now getting a name for ourselves and some really exciting projects.. time management is going to be key for 2010. We just wish we have time to update our own website!

the weather is charmless here today - muddy, grey and wet. trying to remember that warm sunny days exist.. these photos help me a bit but to be honest i just seem to hibernate this time of year.. this weekend will be spent curled on the sofa watching dvd's, cooking and cleaning. if i do see a little blue sky i may take dave for a walk.. but at the moment i just want to be warm, dry, clean, cosy and relaxed..

hope you have a little sun with you this weekend where ever you are..

Update: no DVD watching... why can I never find the time to relax! shopping in Zara did take place.. amazing dress for £9.90.. who could resist!

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