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so it's wedding, wedding, wedding here... i can't tell you enough how consuming it all is! i have to say i'm thankful for the enthusiasm of my parents, they are amazing and have embraced the spirit of putting on the best wedding ever.. we've been having loads of ideas and have just started to put some into practice! But these can wait at the moment the most important thing to find/get is "the Dress"

6 months... 6 months... that's how long it takes to get a dress made! who knew. This gives me around a week to choose a dress... brilliant!

sooo like every other little girl i have been dreaming of my wedding dress for years. i was actually cleaning out my old room and found a few little designs that i had drawn up when i was around 11! Very cute... I think I must of been in a Jane Austin period as it's empire line with simple flowers in my hair.. Since dreaming and designing my dress it has always been decided that I would go off to London with my dad and mum to buy one.. am i the only one who's gone with my dad..? anyway i really wanted his opinion and we were very excited about the day. i only booked one appointment because he's not the best shopper and i didn't want to daunt him - this was probably a mistake as i now haven't really got time to shop around and that and tomorrow are the only days i'm really free.. arrrr...

as everyone tells you you always like the dresses you don't think you would... this is true. The two dresses i picked out the other day are completely different to what i thought i'd end up having.. this makes me slightly more nervous about making my choice as how can you know it's the right dress with 7 months to go. it got very good feed back from the folks but I'm taking my 3 girls with me to help me make this huge decisions.. i trust them completely so i'm sitting on it till i get there honest opinion... it will also be a good time to start thinking about what they're going to wear.

i've added below a few of the dresses that have caught my attention.. i love them all but the main feeling i got when i'd finished trying on the dresses is that it is your only chance to dress as a bride and some of the floatier ones i tried on just look like evening dresses..

anyway a choice i must make... i'll let you know how it goes!

images from: Amsale, Atonement, Browns Brides, Chloe, Breakfast at Tiffany's and not sure where else.. sorry x x


  1. Oh I hope you had a wonderful day. Those dresses are beautiful - tell us all!

  2. I love your style. That Amsale dress at the top is beautiful!