geeks ahoy..!

so for any other apple geeks out there, today is an exciting day. I think without question a new touch screen laptop/tablet will be launched but the question will be how much, when, what will it look like and what can it do.

the boy and i spend all day starring at a big apple iMac's then get home and argue over our MacBook Pro. This argument has got worse since October and starting this blog! I am obsessed.. the only problem is he usually ends up doing work in the evenings and there for, without question.. has the priority... so what a great excuse for a new toy!

we're all obsessed by mac's here.. my mum being the latest convert - ever since she got an iPhone for Christmas 2008 she's never off a mac product - iPhone or laptop either one and she's happy! i have to say my dad has shown what environments mac's can survive at.. take a look below at his workshop and the filthy keyboard and mouse!

so is anyone else interested in what apple have to say or am i the only one..?

other geeky habbit's include:
knowing far to much about and watching F1
playing computer games
watching Big Brother - maybe more sad than geeky!
and spending far to much time on computers!


So let me introduce the iPad.. Tasty huh! Bring on the giant iPhone fun!

images found here on apple store


  1. Oh yay for the geekery.

    As you confessed I feel I should too. Yes to Call of Duty and Sporcle.

  2. oh I'm piss poor at call of duty - trying to get better though! Did you ever play Mirrors Edge..? that was the only shooting style game I've ever been vaguely good at and it's beautiful to play! I'm a bad ass driver and skater.. even though I'll never be as good as the boy! So pleased there's another girl out there who plays.. all my friends don't get it! There again I've always been one of the boys!

    Yay to geeks! x x

  3. I have never told my girls that I play such games. I fear they barely know what an xbox is! I love playing with my boy and his brothers or friends. Although it does while away one too many hours!

  4. don't i spent around 2 years just starring at a tele playing games with the boys... now we only get the odd weekend together but time does just disintegrate! hey ho.. it's all fun!

  5. lol, my fiance has been on the computer all day looking at the new ipad. He doesn't even like apple.