i have a dress

feel like julia roberts in pretty woman.. i have a dress - not a cocktail one but a wedding one!

wasn't the one i thought i'd get.. very exciting! will tell you more about it another day.. no time right now! But had to show you this image.. think i may just of found my wedding hair.. so beautiful! eyes might be a bit much but I love this hair...

now just going over to look at her website to see what other beauties she has... Anna Wolf - if this is anything to go by I'll be there for hours....!

image found on fffound


  1. Oh you big tease! How can you tell us you've found your dress and then not tell us what it is like - oh right I did that too but still it isn't fair. Love the hair idea - I need to look into that too :)

  2. Love the hair! Also love a good tease!

  3. This is a gorgeous hairstyle. And photos please of your dress...

  4. Congratulations! This photo is stunning.