dreaming of summer

I know we all feel the same...

these images made me think it's worth waiting for though....


just a quick post.. how amazing are these trousers!

have a look here to see more amazing images of the olympics - has everyone been enjoying it as much as me..? I love watching random sports I'd never heard of.. the boy and I have said we would love to be out there taking photos.. and looking at these images you can see why - there are some corkers!

right back to work!

image by Robert F. Bukaty


all better

so you'll be pleased to know emotional breakdown has passed! Sorry for being so grumpy - if future must remember not to vent bad mood in blog land! even though all your comments made me smile and the poor boy gets so sick of my winging and crying!

so even though same feelings remain on my fed up list I know that the coldest winter for 30 years (what ever it is) will come to an end. the leaves will come out and the SAD will go. besides without question I have so much to be thankful for and even more to look forward to.... I'm getting marrrrrried woooooo hoooooooooo...

have had to face the fact that work is the most important thing at the moment.. not browsing internet and playing blogs.. this week I've been knuckling down and so far got a fair bit done. have to say work is now a little more fun due to this.. i found it the other day and I love the patterns it makes... It's what my mouse has been up to for the past 3 days.. busy hey.. well I think so!

anyway it's made me smile... see what patterns you make whilst on your computer.

off to yoga now..

monday, tuesday plus over night sleep (big black dot right hand corner) and then today!


coco love

so still feeling grumpy.. going to roll with it today then wake up in a better mood tomorrow.. well that's the plan.

whenever I get down I want to be a different person. dream of new hair, better body, clear skin and a fabulous wardrobe. - do all girls do this or is it just me?

anyway this weekend I watched "Coco before Chanel" and I am now in love. one with the beautiful audrey tautou and two with the amazing boyish style that is captured with in the film. as an ex fashion student I use to have so much fun in getting dressed every morning, hunting in vintage shops and wearing anything from army boiler suits with heels to granny chic mixed with scarfs. now i wear the same old same old and have completly falen out of love with my wardrobe and lack of style!

so tomorrow i am going to an evening of vintage fun at my friend Vintage Deli.. and I am taking Coco inspiration and motavation with me... I must find my inner fashion love again... I will find my inner fashion love.

ummm i'll let you know how it goes....

all images found here

fed up

so today I am fed up...

fed up with weather
fed up with mud
fed up with wearing clothes that keep you warm instead of making you look good
fed up with pale lifeless skin that is in need of sun
fed up with cold feet
fed up with cutting out and photographing beautiful spring summer clothes that I can nether afford or warrant wearing due to crappy weather
fed up with only wanting to eat heart warming food that is not going to give amazing body which I must have for wedding
fed up with rubbish snow that turns to slush and then turns into thick ice which I slipped on on Friday night falling arse over tit smashing a very nice bottle of red wine and still have a very sore arm and little cuts to show for it.

just fed up... hope everyone else is feeling a little happier than me today.



so this weekend I have spent my free time browsing on design websites for beautiful furniture. we've had our little bungalow for just over a year now and have been slowly changing it from OAP home to urban chic heaven! unfortunately time and money have not been on our side so only living room and bedrooms have really been touched - and even then with only a lick of paint! hey ho we have all the time in the world.. even if it is really embarrasing whenever anyone comes round and wants to use the bathroom! who ever designed and made those horrid tiles and floor cannot call themselves a designer! The kitchen is just as bad.. but I have some exciting news regarding this which I'm saving for another day!

so my spare thoughts has been blogging this week about lottery homes - I am going to dream about beautiful lottery furniture... this could be a never ending post so it's only what I've found this weekend! I'll save my scrap book for another day! umm there's so much out there I want.. just don't really have the space or money to warrant it!

rocking chair by Gus Modern

good king henry lamp by Strawberry Kingdom

desk by outofstock

bed by ellen bergerdesign

and not forgetting Dave... surely he deserves to be the most stylish pet around

dog bed by muovo

dog bowls by doca pet

ummm dreams.... but window shopping is soooo much fun!

all products found from design milk x



ummm loving hats at the moment.. maybe it's the weather..!

Still wondering what head gear to go for the big day..  when I started playing the wedding game I was adamant that there was no way I'd wear a veil.. but I keep on wondering! hat, flowers, headbands, veils.. oh the choice!

How cute is this image though.. loving the dress as well! Image by Anna Wolf for an Untitled Magazine, Fashion Editorial


beautiful fashion

very busy but found this yesterday... beautiful cinematography, beautiful music and beautiful clothes..

Honestly - watch it!


weekend daze

still in a wee bit of a daze from the weekend.

Pop up restaurants are my new favourite thing.. we had sooo much fun at the Hart & Fuggle on Friday night.. eating amazing food, chatting with friends, sitting in a gorgeouse surroundings and drinking far to much - BYOB is very dangerous! Food was so yummy and was so very proud of my beautiful friend Georgina and Alice for putting it all together... let's hope theres another one!

Saturday was a right off due to night before - and sunday was spent with more friends drinking Tea and having smoke salmon and cucumber sandwiches (made by friends) and chocolate orange cookies (made by me).. very British and civilised and again yum!

so Birthday is officially over! but have lot's of beautiful spring flowers to remind me what a lovely time I've had...


lunch with balloons

so today is my birthday.

I've had a wonderful day and have been spoilt rotten. once again my mum has gone to so much effort to make my day bright, colourful and full of treats. The ice cream cake with hot peanut butter and chocolate sauce will forever be an all time favourite!

thank you x x

my mum and dad (just in from work) followed by my birthday table...


Dahlia love

so i'm a little rubbish when it comes to knowing different flowers. i love flowers in all forms but i could not put a name to a picture. as i've collected some beautiful photos of flowers i love and may wish to use for my wedding i'm looking forward to learning the names of them etc from my florist - aka cousin Tessey!

one flower i have learnt about and grown is the Dahlia. the boys Grandfather is a big Dahlia breeder and lover. over the years he has given me a few different ones to grow in mine and my mums garden.. one of our favourites being "Pooh" named after the bear for it's red and yellow flower. i hadn't really come across them before but I adore them now especially come september/october.. everything else is dying but they seem to stand tall and carry on flowering.

So Dahlias will defo be making an entrance at the wedding.. Grandad is sending us a few plants to grow here and I never know what we're going to get until they do start to flower.. he'll also bring a few with him when they come up before the wedding. It should make it a little more personal. When they came to stay I did him a little arrangement of some for their room and he really appreciated it.. so it will be nice for him to see everyone admiring his home grown creations!

October colour from mums garden. pooh is the red and yellow one on the right.. the spiky ones named pirate or something.. can't quite remember!

also found this wedding today via green wedding shoes

loved the use of Dahlias at this wedding.. they look so much fun as button holes. saying that I think I'm going to mix it up a bit.. you can have to much of a good thing! Also this photographers website is worth a look.. he has a beautiful portfolio and has done some seriously cool wedding... Click here to see James Moes Photography.


we're live...

yay for the boy.

PFD's new look is now live..

I love our little company.. we have worked so hard building the company in the last 3 years and this year seems to have started on an even bigger high than we could of imagined. The boy has worked hard putting this website together at weekends, evenings and any of the little spare time we've had.. I did help (a little) I chose this photo above for the about us page... mine are the dirty ones!

I just wanted to show you what we do... let me know what you think.. x x

Passion Fruit Design


beautiful bottoms

so one of the lovely things I did this weekend was to go to the launch of beautiful bottoms new collection in Burnham Market on Saturday..

I have to say ladies there's a few lovely pieces.. My favourite being Coco and one of the floral design Lily. I'm not one to spend money on underwear or to make any sort of effort with it but what with a wedding and a maybe honeymoon.. A girls got to do what a girls got to do..!

I love the vintage feel and the casual look of all their pieces. Bow details on the pants, frills on the bra.. it's all just pretty pretty.. I can picture myself in cashmere socks and a cashmere cardigan and lounging around in front of a fire with a good book! umm maybe not self... but you know what I mean!

The collection is now available to buy here... if your quick you might also be able to get hold of a set before Valentines day! I for one am going to wait till summer as obviously by then I shall be at least a stone lighter, brown and ready to look fabulous in beautiful bottoms!

images from Beautiful Bottoms

a country lunch

so had a really lovely weekend.. drank a little red wine.. ate some lovely pub grub.. saw friends, went shopping, cleaned the house, went for a long walk and sunday lunch and successfully had some time just doing nothing!

theres something special about pubs and roaring fires this time of year.. we're lucky that the next village along from us has the best weekend entertainment.. beautiful walks with amazing old ruined castle and priory.. and the cosiest pub with the best sunday roast going. The Ostrich Inn has just hads it's first birthday and we were lucky enough to have be involved with the launch and the website.  A year on and it's still pumping out the yummiest menu and also has the best selection of wine and cheeses. If you've never been to Norfolk and looking for somewhere to stay.. Castle Acre has the romantic country hamlet feel.. it really is a place to get lost in the country side and just relax with good food and wine.

got a busy week ahead of us.. mum's birthday tomorrow.. mine on thursday.. dinner at the Hart and Fuggle on Friday and lot's of work and yoga in between... umm it's going to be a good week.

first 4 photos by me/boy.. pub photos by Jamie Foster.