all better

so you'll be pleased to know emotional breakdown has passed! Sorry for being so grumpy - if future must remember not to vent bad mood in blog land! even though all your comments made me smile and the poor boy gets so sick of my winging and crying!

so even though same feelings remain on my fed up list I know that the coldest winter for 30 years (what ever it is) will come to an end. the leaves will come out and the SAD will go. besides without question I have so much to be thankful for and even more to look forward to.... I'm getting marrrrrried woooooo hoooooooooo...

have had to face the fact that work is the most important thing at the moment.. not browsing internet and playing blogs.. this week I've been knuckling down and so far got a fair bit done. have to say work is now a little more fun due to this.. i found it the other day and I love the patterns it makes... It's what my mouse has been up to for the past 3 days.. busy hey.. well I think so!

anyway it's made me smile... see what patterns you make whilst on your computer.

off to yoga now..

monday, tuesday plus over night sleep (big black dot right hand corner) and then today!


  1. we had more snow today and have more forecast, I'm clinging on to the green shoots that are appearing. Soon it will be spring and then it will be summer and then we will be married woooohhhhhoooooooooo

  2. Oh ST I love your delicious optimism.

    Also I think (well I hope)these places are good for grumping.