all that sparkles

so once again the week has just gone.

hey ho.. i'm off to drink some red wine and eat some country pub food.

i leave you with this image.. found on here.. and see more of Loodle's work here.

I hope your weekend is full of glitter x


  1. I must say, I stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love your photography. It's so nice to meet another artist! I'm so jealous you get to go to a pub! I went to Scotland last year and I'd give a lot of money to go back there for my birthday drinks than American bars.

  2. hello there!
    Just found you from your comment at lobster and swan. Your blog, your photos are beautiful. I love your plans for a farm wedding - a choice after my own heart. We got married a couple of years ago, over the field from my childhood home. We married in November so no chance to walk across the fields, so I arrived in our camper van, named Ruby, on a clear blue sky frosty day - perfect. It is truly a privelege to marry in the vicinity of your childhood home, especially when it's in the countryside. Our venue is a converted mill, where I used to play as a little girl.
    Can't wait to find out more about your wedding as plans progress!
    Happy weekend,
    Denise x