just a quick post.. how amazing are these trousers!

have a look here to see more amazing images of the olympics - has everyone been enjoying it as much as me..? I love watching random sports I'd never heard of.. the boy and I have said we would love to be out there taking photos.. and looking at these images you can see why - there are some corkers!

right back to work!

image by Robert F. Bukaty


  1. I'm upset that the GB team didn't manage to get close to a medal but then I never really understood what was going on anyway. Looks like bowls on ice to me.
    Did you see the ski cross? Total carnage -amazing.

  2. The Ski and snowboard cross have definitely been a highlight. The boy has stayed up watching the curling the past few nights and is now an expert.. I find it bonkers.. and a little dull!