coco love

so still feeling grumpy.. going to roll with it today then wake up in a better mood tomorrow.. well that's the plan.

whenever I get down I want to be a different person. dream of new hair, better body, clear skin and a fabulous wardrobe. - do all girls do this or is it just me?

anyway this weekend I watched "Coco before Chanel" and I am now in love. one with the beautiful audrey tautou and two with the amazing boyish style that is captured with in the film. as an ex fashion student I use to have so much fun in getting dressed every morning, hunting in vintage shops and wearing anything from army boiler suits with heels to granny chic mixed with scarfs. now i wear the same old same old and have completly falen out of love with my wardrobe and lack of style!

so tomorrow i am going to an evening of vintage fun at my friend Vintage Deli.. and I am taking Coco inspiration and motavation with me... I must find my inner fashion love again... I will find my inner fashion love.

ummm i'll let you know how it goes....

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  1. So hope you've found your inner fashion love and are feeling more glam this morning.
    I watched Coco recently with dear girlfriends, smoked salmon and pink champagne followed by The September Issue and cosmopolitans. It's the only way forward in this horrid weather.
    February Fizz to you, ra

  2. My sister and I left that movie with silly pouts and resolutions to totally make over our wardrobes. I've since bought anything stripey I can lay my hands on. Sad but true.

    And go with the grump - it'll pass.