Dahlia love

so i'm a little rubbish when it comes to knowing different flowers. i love flowers in all forms but i could not put a name to a picture. as i've collected some beautiful photos of flowers i love and may wish to use for my wedding i'm looking forward to learning the names of them etc from my florist - aka cousin Tessey!

one flower i have learnt about and grown is the Dahlia. the boys Grandfather is a big Dahlia breeder and lover. over the years he has given me a few different ones to grow in mine and my mums garden.. one of our favourites being "Pooh" named after the bear for it's red and yellow flower. i hadn't really come across them before but I adore them now especially come september/october.. everything else is dying but they seem to stand tall and carry on flowering.

So Dahlias will defo be making an entrance at the wedding.. Grandad is sending us a few plants to grow here and I never know what we're going to get until they do start to flower.. he'll also bring a few with him when they come up before the wedding. It should make it a little more personal. When they came to stay I did him a little arrangement of some for their room and he really appreciated it.. so it will be nice for him to see everyone admiring his home grown creations!

October colour from mums garden. pooh is the red and yellow one on the right.. the spiky ones named pirate or something.. can't quite remember!

also found this wedding today via green wedding shoes

loved the use of Dahlias at this wedding.. they look so much fun as button holes. saying that I think I'm going to mix it up a bit.. you can have to much of a good thing! Also this photographers website is worth a look.. he has a beautiful portfolio and has done some seriously cool wedding... Click here to see James Moes Photography.


  1. Ooo I love them on the men (as well as the others!) They are too cute!

  2. Love dahlias, Mum grows lots in her garden (also a Norfolk one!) and they add so much colour to the autumn garden as everything else is dying down. Wonderful mix from your Mum's garden.