so this weekend I have spent my free time browsing on design websites for beautiful furniture. we've had our little bungalow for just over a year now and have been slowly changing it from OAP home to urban chic heaven! unfortunately time and money have not been on our side so only living room and bedrooms have really been touched - and even then with only a lick of paint! hey ho we have all the time in the world.. even if it is really embarrasing whenever anyone comes round and wants to use the bathroom! who ever designed and made those horrid tiles and floor cannot call themselves a designer! The kitchen is just as bad.. but I have some exciting news regarding this which I'm saving for another day!

so my spare thoughts has been blogging this week about lottery homes - I am going to dream about beautiful lottery furniture... this could be a never ending post so it's only what I've found this weekend! I'll save my scrap book for another day! umm there's so much out there I want.. just don't really have the space or money to warrant it!

rocking chair by Gus Modern

good king henry lamp by Strawberry Kingdom

desk by outofstock

bed by ellen bergerdesign

and not forgetting Dave... surely he deserves to be the most stylish pet around

dog bed by muovo

dog bowls by doca pet

ummm dreams.... but window shopping is soooo much fun!

all products found from design milk x

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  1. Aw, thank you for the link that made my night. (I read last night on my phone but I couldn't comment until I was in front of a real computer). Is Dave not a little little for those food bowls? He's only got short legs.
    Exciting kitchen news might make me sick with jealousy, but as we are still in OAP hell 3 years in I would encourage you to keep the momentum going. x