hair today...

where did January go..?

oh I'm feeling rubbish today.. yesterday was good.. cold, icy and blue skies... today wet, grey and SOOO muddy. I really do think my mood is now completely in sync with the weather.. sunny and dry I'm happy. wet and grey = miserable.

mood has not been made better by looking at gorgeous fashion images of impossibly beautiful girls.. the reasons for looking at these images.. I have no idea of what to do with my hair.. it's so silly.. surely there are more important things to be thinking about.. namely clearing this mountain of work.. but I can't help this never ending question - long hair, short hair, bob, blonde, brunette, up, down, curly, straight, layered, natural, flowers, pom pom's, hairbands, veils, fringe, side parting, or just shave it all off a la Britney!

anyway I will take sensible bridesmaids advise.. and just leave it.. grow it and see how I feel nearer the time. doesn't help my bad hair days at the moment... looks rubbish up and down and fringe is now to long..

what has happened to me... never cared about my hair this much before. I will not turn into the crazy bride to be...

anyway have a look at the beautiful photos that I've found this evening off Drip Book.. some have nothing to do with hair.. I just liked them...

1. kelly budd | 2. zoey grossman | 3. abdul smith | 4/5. petra van raaij | 6. joseph tran


  1. I'm ignoring the need to find a wedding hairstyle, considering I've had the same haircut for the majority of my life. Oh to have romantic waves instead of a birds nest of rats tails.
    Quite a few of my friends had their haircut immediately after the wedding before they even got their photos because they are so fed up with trying to grow it.

  2. I did this hairstyle on my sister for her dance recital. I'm no professional hair stylist, but your step-by-step was so clear and easy to understand that even a novice like myself could make the style look great! Thanks so much!