ummm loving hats at the moment.. maybe it's the weather..!

Still wondering what head gear to go for the big day..  when I started playing the wedding game I was adamant that there was no way I'd wear a veil.. but I keep on wondering! hat, flowers, headbands, veils.. oh the choice!

How cute is this image though.. loving the dress as well! Image by Anna Wolf for an Untitled Magazine, Fashion Editorial


  1. beautiful! I have been trying to find an image of Sylvia's hat in La Dolce Vita when she tours St. Peter's...and I love the hat parade at the Kentucky Derby!

    Can't wait to see what you choose!

  2. ah the veil was the toughest decision for me... there are so many beautiful options! i decided to wear my sister's veil (new sister, i gained her in the marriage!) because it was very sentimental. i hope you find something amazing!

  3. Gosh I adore the second picture. I still cannot decide about a veil. I do like the idea but maybe not the practicality!

  4. I'm in the anti-veil camp they do something strange to me and O doesn't want me to have one. I'm still trying to figure out hair decorations though. Love that dress.