a norfolk walk to work

so i am trying to cheer myself up and fall in love with winter.

theses pictures were taken over 2 years ago.. it was when we were living with my brother and were able to walk to work.. our company had just had it's first birthday and we could finish work on a friday at 5 ready for a drink at the local.. we now have a 15 minute commute cross country and never finish work till at least 7.30 on a friday.. we make sure our weekends are free - living and working together is intense so we make sure we have a weekend of relaxing and being a couple.

anyway this was such a beautiful wintery morning that I had to take a few piccies. I think they sum up everything i love about winter and the home where i grew up. i'm lucky that i'm a farmers daughter and i still get to see my family every day - it really is a beautiful place to grow up and now to work from...

if I could guarantee a hoar frost i think winter would be a lovely time for a wedding.. But when your wearing white and walking up fields to get to the place where you say i do.. winter. mud and white are not your best friends!


  1. I always miss Norfolk when I see pictures as lovely as these! :)

  2. they are lovely pictures, where in norfolk are you? My grandpa lived in Holt, I don't get to see it anymore, but I have so many memories of that area.

  3. I love that picture of the clothes peg especially. You can't beat tramping across frost crispy grass.

  4. I'm more Kings Lynn way.. even though went to school in Holt and that area is where all my mums family is from so I know it well. Did you know the sweet shop Picketywitch has closed down..? happened ages ago but was by far and the way the best sweet selection!

  5. Oh god I can't believe I found this website! It is the exact blog I would do if I were really English(I think I must have been in a former life)

    Just gorgeous!

    Anyway, you could always wear wellies with your wedding dress...it's a favorite look of mine!

    Sling your heels over your shoulders, hike up those skirts and away!

  6. oh my goodness, these are beautiful!

  7. The light in these photographs is so dreamy. I'd like to step right into those fields. I hope one day to live out in the country and have the time to enjoy all that country life has to offer.

  8. Oh these are lovely-especially the diptychs. I love your eye (that sounds strange, but I hope you know what I mean).
    I've had two more Kings Lynn enquiries-are these anything to do with you..?