we're live...

yay for the boy.

PFD's new look is now live..

I love our little company.. we have worked so hard building the company in the last 3 years and this year seems to have started on an even bigger high than we could of imagined. The boy has worked hard putting this website together at weekends, evenings and any of the little spare time we've had.. I did help (a little) I chose this photo above for the about us page... mine are the dirty ones!

I just wanted to show you what we do... let me know what you think.. x x

Passion Fruit Design


  1. Hello
    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Your own website is smart, user friendly and personal. I looked at the links on your testimonials page too, and your work for clients is brilliant. I particularly LOVE The Ostrich website - I want to go there, but I'm all the way over West in Somerset!! Love the photo of the dog in the armchair :-)
    Congratulations, you must be really delighted.
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x

  2. Super talented but with dirty shoes - you are human after all. Website looks great. x