country life


changing landscape
being able to smell spring
driving home from work and having a family of deer crossing the road
watching the grass turn green
seeing new buds appear
watching new lambs and calfs find their footing
being able to scream and no one can hear you
being able to see all the stars clearly at night


having some animal die underneath your office corridor giving out the worst smell of death that goes right to the back of your throat and makes you want to throw up...

and being able to do NOTHING about it.

all images by my dad.. a very talented farmer/mechanic/photographer..


nearly there

still busy but mood is much improved.. breakdown over.

things are still mad work wise and I don't think I've been this tired in a long time. have spent today photographing a new range of products we've designed for one of our first clients... the above pictures are a sneak preview, but i will show you the products once they've been launched to get your feedback.. I always get so nervous when showing any work! this is work designed for a certain market so isn't in the hip and trendy box.. but it is cute and fun... and all Norfolk!

anyway... off to yoga. I have a slight fear of falling asleep tonight but as I have been constantly hungry, eating after 9 o'clock every night and spent the weekend going from one restaurant to another.. very much needed - I think I might be the only bride in history gaining weight! hey ho!


working meltdown

sorry I haven't been around... life is suddenly very busy again and I'm falling apart (think I might just be tired and premenstrual!) still got lot's of work to do so must run.. but wanted to share this, it's how I feel today!

found here - via here.


150 days...

till i do.. really doesn't seem that many!

so life on the farm has steped up a gear.. the chickens have started to lay eggs again.. the cow's are having more babies ad deciding to escape from their field to have a little potter around causing my brother a lot of running around today.. the grass is growing and slowely it feels like spring is springing..

with all this growing and seasons changing my dad can finally start what he's been wanting to start on since the wedding date was announced.. farm and land sprucing up.. he's always been a tidy farmer but i guess when you've got a wedding to host it's a good time for a sort out and clean up.

first on the list is the pesky pot holes.. from roads to tescos they're everywhere - over on the farm my dad has been having the same trouble.. but on a MUCH larger scale.. when you have tractors, diggers, quads and a zillion landrovers pottering around everyday, potholes suddenly pop up everywhere and make for a very uncomfortable ride!.. with the wedding firmly on my dads brain these potholes were no match for him and his skillfull diggering* and he has done a sterling job and suddenly driveway now resembles M1! mum took a few photos of him hard at work over the weekend and I thought I'd share them with you.. unfortunately no digger shots.. what we have here is the leveling off.. done on his beloved mini tractor "Bert" and a genius invention of his - pallet with tractor tire on. hat is for warmth - not for style (sorry dad had to mention this!..)

I'm sure more farm MOT updates won't be far behind..!

*so i was told by my brother - my digger knowledge is non existent!


mothers day

got crafty for mothers day.. not to sure about the commercial side of mothers day, to me it's always been about daffodils and church and when we were little they were always combined! this year I did have to buy some daffodils as there really is none around. mixed them with some pink tulips and made my mum a 3D heart card.. i'm the worse sewer but I was pleased with the outcome and it added that personal touch.


flowers in a tea cup

thought I'd leave you this week on a wedding note. how cut is this.. flowers in a tea cup. also in love with the hair and dress. wouldn't these be pretty as table decorations. reminds me of one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me. for my 21st my amazing friends and boy through a surprise mad hatters tea party. we drank champagne out of tea cups with drink me labels on and had picnic rugs covered with the most amazing array of sweets, treats and biscuits (all my favourites from childhood.. including pink wafers). there were also teapots with tulips coming out and amazing hats. i will always remember it.. even though I never want a surprise party again.. took me a long while to relax and stop shaking.. I had NO idea! very in vogue at the moment what with Alice in Wonderland.. which I still haven't seen! next week me thinkie...

hope you've all got lovely weekends planned. Mother's day on Sunday for us UK girls. there are no daffodils out to pick though which is a tradition for us here. hey ho.. will have to find some other flowers to find and must make a card.

will be geeking it up this weekend. F1 starts which the boy and i are soooo excited about. will be getting up tomorrow making yummy coffee and watching with baited breath. new rules which should make for an interesting qualifying and race day oh there is so much to look forward to... then off to the folks for watching the cousin play rugby. how sporty am I..! well sitting in front of tele shouting doesn't count as sporty.. seem to be more male than sporty...?..!

also if i have time i'm hoping to start sketching some ideas for the screen printing course... well after the cleaning, washing, cooking, dog walking and general weekend-ness.. hope you have a lovely one..

x x

flowers: lauryl lane
photo: desi baytan

before and after

Daves had his hair cut and is now strutting around like a super model... he does look very cute and was well over due... just like mine and the boys hair!

thank you aunty felickity for making me look so handsome... x x




pom pom's

Scrap the flowers.. I want giant pom poms! i have to say this isn't a million miles away from a few ideas I already have.. but they made me smile... in fact I love love love the whole collection - job well done Sonia Rykiel!

maybe I could just make my bridesmaids into giant pom poms!

images found here.. via greedy girl



so what an exciting week...

i've just found out the most amazing news... my little cousin Ben Youngs will be on the bench for England v Scotland in the 6 nations... heart full of pride and can't wait for the game. we will all be crying.. i cried when i found out anyway, we just wish our beloved grandpa PaPa Fred could of been round to of seen it.. he would of been very proud..

who knows if he'll get to play but what an amazing day for him and his wonderful family. I'm sure it will be the first of many.. he's only 20..!

also news wise.. i have just finally signed up to a screen printing course. I have been wanting to explore and learn more about the printing world... the course starts a the end of April and it's in Cambridge at St Barnabas Press.. so i've now got to start sketching and thinking what it is I want to do.. woop woop.. couldn't beeeee more excited..

if you watch the rugby look out for Ben.. and watch out spare thoughts.. if Ben plays Scotland are going down.... x

picture from st barnabas press


outdoor dining

so the thing that seems to be causing most debate wedding wise at the moment is the marquee.. do we have a lining..? how do we decorate it..? what lighting..?  what floor do we have..? do we have a floor..? where do we put it..?

i always new that we would be having/using a marquee and i'm used to marquee weddings, as in norfolk it seems to be what everyone does. but i've never before thought about the effort that needs to go into decorating it. it is a big blank and quite frankly a little ugly blank canvas. i have a few ideas and am slowly starting to think of a theme and colour way and a few crafty projects to add that little bit of us to it but... i can't help but be a little jealous of locations that can with confidence just put up rows of tables and enjoy that outdoor dining. there is no way in the UK that we could ever put our faith in a fine day.. even though the day we've chosen is in the heart of summer.. torrential rain.. gales can easily come into play without the slightest warning... we've already got a risk with the service being in a ruin church and open to the elements.. the local church is on standby just in case and wellies will have to be an option.. not just for us but also our guests...

but how wonderful would it be to be able to plan a wedding and set up tables outside.. with twinkling lights coming into play later on in the evening and enjoy the outdoor space the wedding is in.

hey ho.. i'm lucky to be getting married at home and in the garden I grew up in..

come april we're going to be seeing the marquee we're using up and empty so will then have a better idea about what it looks like and how we can decorate it... and thanks to all the wonderful wedding blogs out there i do have some solid ideas.. and i do love a creative challenge!

1/ Tec Petaja 2/ Simply Bloom 3/ Feather Love Photography


weekend colours

ummm a walk by the river bank.. the last lunch... beautiful sun but still no sign of spring.


more difficult than you think...

so as a regular film watcher lover i was looking through a friends blog "Cinema & Other Distractions" and came across her top ten. as i seem to be spending most of my time anayling myself and my life for the wedding i thought why not spend another couple of hours looking into my past and deciding what my top 10 films are. i know that the list will be never changing and there are a few very good films I've left off... and i'm sure some i've completly forgotten about! but I though I'd have a stab at it...

it's so difficult to know which ones go in the top ten and which ones in the top 20.. but i think i'm there... this is MY list so most of the films are on the girly, arty, emotional, teen angst side and not the films WE love - even though knocked up did make it.. we watch a lot of these films but this one just had the edge but did decide to keep Transformers and Iron Man off my list (even though I love them!).. all these films are special to me and have somehow inspired or moved me in some unique way.. some of them because of the story and some just for the beautiful cinematography... so if you want a wee little challenge try and decide on your top ten. I'd love to know what everyone else is watching...

so here it is:

Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrmann, 1996)
American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 1999)
Me Without You (Sandra Goldbacher, 2001)
Labyrinth (Jim Henson, 1986)
Up (Pete Docter, Bob Peterson 2009) (I love all Pixar… but had to pick just one..)
Girl, Interrupted (James Mangold, 1999)
Knocked Up (Judd Apatow, 2007)
Amelie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001)
Little Miss Sunshine (Frank Ginsberg, 2006)
The Virgin Suicides (Sofia Coppola, 1999)

image from Romeo + Juliet.. the film I'm now about to watch....


meeting on the pier

blue skies.. all week! how lucky have we been. had a lovely day yesterday. had a meeting at cromer pier so got to go on a trip to the seaside.. we both forgot that it was still early spring/late winter so didn't take enough cosy clothes so got very cold.. but the sky was so beautifully blue and sun so bright we had to spend some times taking photos.. something we have not been inspired to do for a few months now!

It was late on in the afternoon so no one was around and it had a real eerie romance.. to be honest i can remember going to cromer for fish and chips and i know my mums many tales of her childhood on cromer pier but can't ever really remember going there... we had to run off to norwich so couldn't explore the town..

looking forward to a lovely weekend.. my favourite pub has just been sold so it will be now forever known as the pub that used to be good... we're making the most of it though


hippy hair

i will have flowers in my hair... that I have decided... just how big and how many...

more research needed.

1. anthropologie. 2. not sure.. sorry. 3. Josa Vila with Once wed


I want to play...

I so want to play weddings.. but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do.. we've been really lucky in having a fairly clear idea of where we want to go and booking the people we really wanted. I am on occasions doing some thinking.. trying to work out a few finer details... i've got bridesmaids to finalise.. colours, decorations, groomsmen's ties, flowers, presents, church decorations, hymns... oh maybe there is a lot I can play at!... oh no maybe I should be doing more..?

anyway cakes seem to be most on my mind at the moment. does anyone else think chocolate cakes look ugly..? we've decided that that's what we want and it will then also be included as pudding.. but how to make it cool! I know it will taste amazing so thats a good thing.. have seen a few ideas which I need to put past my amazing friend who has agreed to do it for us... but I do find it a tricky one.

maybe because i'm so used to traditional wedding cakes. my mum after she had me and my brother started to make and decorate cakes to earn some money.. they were always so grand and beautiful.. adorned with lace effect icing, flowers, butterflies, bumble bees and who knows what else. she has always decorated everyones cakes from family to friends to my brothers last year. but these can always be done a month or so before due to being fruit cakes and there was no way I can ask her to whip up and decorate a chocolate cake a day before the wedding!

anyway she understands.. and trust me there are a million other jobs that she will be undertaking... but I am a little nervous about what to make it look like...

saying that i also love the challenge and I can get creative with one of the most creative people I know and I'm looking forward to see what we (she) come up with.

big up my mum.. check out my brother wedding cake last year.. cute huh! October wedding and all the flowers were daises, sunflowers and freshly harvested corn..

cake by mum.. flowers by cousin... photos by us x

saving in style...

How cute are these..

i photographed these saving pouches for Anna last week and thought of all my wedding girls out there.. even though I know it would need to be a lot bigger to save for a whole wedding I think they're a great gift! they're by Anya Hindmarch and at £85 are definitely an indulgence... but I wouldn't say no to one if anyones offering!