150 days...

till i do.. really doesn't seem that many!

so life on the farm has steped up a gear.. the chickens have started to lay eggs again.. the cow's are having more babies ad deciding to escape from their field to have a little potter around causing my brother a lot of running around today.. the grass is growing and slowely it feels like spring is springing..

with all this growing and seasons changing my dad can finally start what he's been wanting to start on since the wedding date was announced.. farm and land sprucing up.. he's always been a tidy farmer but i guess when you've got a wedding to host it's a good time for a sort out and clean up.

first on the list is the pesky pot holes.. from roads to tescos they're everywhere - over on the farm my dad has been having the same trouble.. but on a MUCH larger scale.. when you have tractors, diggers, quads and a zillion landrovers pottering around everyday, potholes suddenly pop up everywhere and make for a very uncomfortable ride!.. with the wedding firmly on my dads brain these potholes were no match for him and his skillfull diggering* and he has done a sterling job and suddenly driveway now resembles M1! mum took a few photos of him hard at work over the weekend and I thought I'd share them with you.. unfortunately no digger shots.. what we have here is the leveling off.. done on his beloved mini tractor "Bert" and a genius invention of his - pallet with tractor tire on. hat is for warmth - not for style (sorry dad had to mention this!..)

I'm sure more farm MOT updates won't be far behind..!

*so i was told by my brother - my digger knowledge is non existent!


  1. I was nodding along so I was convinced too! How exciting though... and so sweet that your Dad is so excited/dedicated! :)

  2. Aw bless your Dad for sprucing up the farm. I'm not sure the M1 is the best road to be aiming for though. 150 days eeek.

  3. Love Bert!
    and thanks - you just made me realise it is less than 100 until mine .. how the heck did that happen!?

  4. Just came across your blog through your brothers as I was trying to find agriculture photography blogs. I am enjoying it. I grew up on a beef farm in Canada. I got married on my parents farm as well. Dad did the same as you for months and on the morning of the wedding he climbed up a tree with a chainsaw because one branch just wasn't hanging right above the ceremony site!! Farmers!!!