country life


changing landscape
being able to smell spring
driving home from work and having a family of deer crossing the road
watching the grass turn green
seeing new buds appear
watching new lambs and calfs find their footing
being able to scream and no one can hear you
being able to see all the stars clearly at night


having some animal die underneath your office corridor giving out the worst smell of death that goes right to the back of your throat and makes you want to throw up...

and being able to do NOTHING about it.

all images by my dad.. a very talented farmer/mechanic/photographer..


  1. I see that the pros outnumber the cons!...Ha!
    Just gorgeous photography...I think I kinda love your dad!

  2. Ewwwwwww minging. Can I add to the list of cons?
    "Being able to scream and no one can hear you" Maybe I'm just a horror film scardy cat but is that not a bad thing. Your Dad is fabby.

  3. I thought that when I was writing it! Meant in the frustration, everything's on top of me, can't cope with life just need to scream way.. point taken though!

  4. Oh chick you poor thing. Big hugs. x

  5. Don't forget the mist. It's just not the same without a field.

  6. STUNNING photos, compliments to your Dad!

  7. Just discovered your blog... I love it!