flowers in a tea cup

thought I'd leave you this week on a wedding note. how cut is this.. flowers in a tea cup. also in love with the hair and dress. wouldn't these be pretty as table decorations. reminds me of one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me. for my 21st my amazing friends and boy through a surprise mad hatters tea party. we drank champagne out of tea cups with drink me labels on and had picnic rugs covered with the most amazing array of sweets, treats and biscuits (all my favourites from childhood.. including pink wafers). there were also teapots with tulips coming out and amazing hats. i will always remember it.. even though I never want a surprise party again.. took me a long while to relax and stop shaking.. I had NO idea! very in vogue at the moment what with Alice in Wonderland.. which I still haven't seen! next week me thinkie...

hope you've all got lovely weekends planned. Mother's day on Sunday for us UK girls. there are no daffodils out to pick though which is a tradition for us here. hey ho.. will have to find some other flowers to find and must make a card.

will be geeking it up this weekend. F1 starts which the boy and i are soooo excited about. will be getting up tomorrow making yummy coffee and watching with baited breath. new rules which should make for an interesting qualifying and race day oh there is so much to look forward to... then off to the folks for watching the cousin play rugby. how sporty am I..! well sitting in front of tele shouting doesn't count as sporty.. seem to be more male than sporty...?..!

also if i have time i'm hoping to start sketching some ideas for the screen printing course... well after the cleaning, washing, cooking, dog walking and general weekend-ness.. hope you have a lovely one..

x x

flowers: lauryl lane
photo: desi baytan


  1. I hope you have a great weekend too, Maybe those daffodils will peek out just in time!

  2. That party sounds so awesome!
    My daffolis are also still soundly asleep - I sometimes find it hard to believe it's really March already.

    (and I love that you say 'geeking it up'!)