I want to play...

I so want to play weddings.. but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do.. we've been really lucky in having a fairly clear idea of where we want to go and booking the people we really wanted. I am on occasions doing some thinking.. trying to work out a few finer details... i've got bridesmaids to finalise.. colours, decorations, groomsmen's ties, flowers, presents, church decorations, hymns... oh maybe there is a lot I can play at!... oh no maybe I should be doing more..?

anyway cakes seem to be most on my mind at the moment. does anyone else think chocolate cakes look ugly..? we've decided that that's what we want and it will then also be included as pudding.. but how to make it cool! I know it will taste amazing so thats a good thing.. have seen a few ideas which I need to put past my amazing friend who has agreed to do it for us... but I do find it a tricky one.

maybe because i'm so used to traditional wedding cakes. my mum after she had me and my brother started to make and decorate cakes to earn some money.. they were always so grand and beautiful.. adorned with lace effect icing, flowers, butterflies, bumble bees and who knows what else. she has always decorated everyones cakes from family to friends to my brothers last year. but these can always be done a month or so before due to being fruit cakes and there was no way I can ask her to whip up and decorate a chocolate cake a day before the wedding!

anyway she understands.. and trust me there are a million other jobs that she will be undertaking... but I am a little nervous about what to make it look like...

saying that i also love the challenge and I can get creative with one of the most creative people I know and I'm looking forward to see what we (she) come up with.

big up my mum.. check out my brother wedding cake last year.. cute huh! October wedding and all the flowers were daises, sunflowers and freshly harvested corn..

cake by mum.. flowers by cousin... photos by us x


  1. What a creative family you have! I am sure you will have no problem coming up with something spectacular for your chocolate wedding cake!

  2. Yeah I agree... most chocolate cakes do look ugly! As for the 'doing more'... I got a row recently from a married gal as she was saying I was doing enough work in terms of wedding planning! (I have promised myself that once I'm married I'll never say that to anyone!!)