meeting on the pier

blue skies.. all week! how lucky have we been. had a lovely day yesterday. had a meeting at cromer pier so got to go on a trip to the seaside.. we both forgot that it was still early spring/late winter so didn't take enough cosy clothes so got very cold.. but the sky was so beautifully blue and sun so bright we had to spend some times taking photos.. something we have not been inspired to do for a few months now!

It was late on in the afternoon so no one was around and it had a real eerie romance.. to be honest i can remember going to cromer for fish and chips and i know my mums many tales of her childhood on cromer pier but can't ever really remember going there... we had to run off to norwich so couldn't explore the town..

looking forward to a lovely weekend.. my favourite pub has just been sold so it will be now forever known as the pub that used to be good... we're making the most of it though


  1. Amazing photos, how blue is that sky!

  2. I love going to the coast (though we're further north) out of season and you've captured perfectly what lures me there in your photographs. Hope you're enjoying the weekend.