nearly there

still busy but mood is much improved.. breakdown over.

things are still mad work wise and I don't think I've been this tired in a long time. have spent today photographing a new range of products we've designed for one of our first clients... the above pictures are a sneak preview, but i will show you the products once they've been launched to get your feedback.. I always get so nervous when showing any work! this is work designed for a certain market so isn't in the hip and trendy box.. but it is cute and fun... and all Norfolk!

anyway... off to yoga. I have a slight fear of falling asleep tonight but as I have been constantly hungry, eating after 9 o'clock every night and spent the weekend going from one restaurant to another.. very much needed - I think I might be the only bride in history gaining weight! hey ho!


  1. I like the crabs makes me make crab hands - don't ask it is just that picture.

  2. Those crabs are adorable! You can do it!! And don't worry, you'll get that sleep in soon.