so what an exciting week...

i've just found out the most amazing news... my little cousin Ben Youngs will be on the bench for England v Scotland in the 6 nations... heart full of pride and can't wait for the game. we will all be crying.. i cried when i found out anyway, we just wish our beloved grandpa PaPa Fred could of been round to of seen it.. he would of been very proud..

who knows if he'll get to play but what an amazing day for him and his wonderful family. I'm sure it will be the first of many.. he's only 20..!

also news wise.. i have just finally signed up to a screen printing course. I have been wanting to explore and learn more about the printing world... the course starts a the end of April and it's in Cambridge at St Barnabas Press.. so i've now got to start sketching and thinking what it is I want to do.. woop woop.. couldn't beeeee more excited..

if you watch the rugby look out for Ben.. and watch out spare thoughts.. if Ben plays Scotland are going down.... x

picture from st barnabas press

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  1. hehehehe, that is ok I'm English too I hope he kicks Scottish butt. I'll just have to deal with a depressed O. Congratulations to him and the family, I'll be looking out for him. What a game to be picked for. For me the rugby news was more exciting than the screen printing but I'm sure you'll post lots of lovely pictures of your creations which I can oooh and aaah over.