outdoor dining

so the thing that seems to be causing most debate wedding wise at the moment is the marquee.. do we have a lining..? how do we decorate it..? what lighting..?  what floor do we have..? do we have a floor..? where do we put it..?

i always new that we would be having/using a marquee and i'm used to marquee weddings, as in norfolk it seems to be what everyone does. but i've never before thought about the effort that needs to go into decorating it. it is a big blank and quite frankly a little ugly blank canvas. i have a few ideas and am slowly starting to think of a theme and colour way and a few crafty projects to add that little bit of us to it but... i can't help but be a little jealous of locations that can with confidence just put up rows of tables and enjoy that outdoor dining. there is no way in the UK that we could ever put our faith in a fine day.. even though the day we've chosen is in the heart of summer.. torrential rain.. gales can easily come into play without the slightest warning... we've already got a risk with the service being in a ruin church and open to the elements.. the local church is on standby just in case and wellies will have to be an option.. not just for us but also our guests...

but how wonderful would it be to be able to plan a wedding and set up tables outside.. with twinkling lights coming into play later on in the evening and enjoy the outdoor space the wedding is in.

hey ho.. i'm lucky to be getting married at home and in the garden I grew up in..

come april we're going to be seeing the marquee we're using up and empty so will then have a better idea about what it looks like and how we can decorate it... and thanks to all the wonderful wedding blogs out there i do have some solid ideas.. and i do love a creative challenge!

1/ Tec Petaja 2/ Simply Bloom 3/ Feather Love Photography


  1. Yes, unfortunately you can't rely on the British summer. We looked at a place where we could have been married outside but they needed it to be dry for a whole week before!(never going to happen in Scotland). Sometimes I think it'd be lovely to get married in a summer shower - if only it wouldn't ruin the dress and was warm like the tropics.
    In terms of decorating the marquee - sooooo many ideas, fairy lights, coloured up lights, colourful paper lanterns or pompoms. What are you worried about? You are quite clearly massively creative. eeek I can't wait to see the photos.

  2. Lovely, lovely pics... I'm trying to ignore everything Spare Thoughts is saying in that I'm hoping to get married outside and in Scotland! ;) Though I'm agreeing with her that decorating a marquee sounds like fun :D