pom pom's

Scrap the flowers.. I want giant pom poms! i have to say this isn't a million miles away from a few ideas I already have.. but they made me smile... in fact I love love love the whole collection - job well done Sonia Rykiel!

maybe I could just make my bridesmaids into giant pom poms!

images found here.. via greedy girl


  1. oh my good lord, those are insane! they do look delightfully soft though...

  2. The whole collection is divine. I need to buy some wool, stat!

  3. Yous should check out this seller on etsy, She was the featured seller a few weeks ago! Her pom poms have all sold, but I bet she would make some for you!


  4. That is so funny Labonne Femmel.. I was going to look for her last night so I could add a link on.. But as I was shouted at across the desk last night for uploading this (i was meant to be designing logos..) I thought it would be pushing it...

    also.. I could never buy one.. when you can make something yourself, not that I ever will get round to it.. I find it very difficult to buy it! It has saved me a lot of money over the years! x