something for the weekend

have a lovely bank holiday.. I thought i'd share a surfing sheep with you.. i was a little concerned for the poor thing but actually he's pretty good!

i'm starting my screen printing course on saturday so i'm a wee bit nervous.. i wanted to get loads of ideas together before i started but we've just been too busy.. hey ho going to be doing it a little more organically and see what happens.

have a good one..

surfing sheep found here..


wedding dress crush

i was blessed with my mothers fine pins.. so I did toy with the idea of a short dress.. but it just didn't feel weddingney enough.. I'm doing this once so I think you kinda have to do it right and go with those gut instincts. saying that I always love brides in short wedding dresses and how beautiful is this one.. simple, fun, chic and classy..

umm just what shoes to go with it...

dress by Lanvin found here....


bad day

see this is why I love blog world..

I have just had a silly emotional conversation with my mum about all of this weddingness.. more specifically balloons! it was horrid and ended in tears.. and a not very productive day at work! I 've just popped onto to my spare thoughts who also seems to be suffering from the bride blues and clicked the link onto glasgow brides post and found that they are all talking about what I'd just been trying to talk/discuss with my mum.. anyway I wrote this comment and thought in a moment of honesty post it also on my blog.. it mainly concern other peoples opinions and trying not to offend anyone.. read the post as it is beautifully written and there are some perfect comments..

so... what i’ve been trying to say today is that i don’t care.. as long as we have our day and it represents us then why should I care.. everyone has they’re own opinions and tastes and I’m sure some people will not quite get us.. but this is our day and the only way we can do it is our own way.. I will not turn into bridezilla. I will not turn into bridezilla.

I want this to be fun.. this is important.. it just seems that everyone else is a lot more interested than I thought they would be .. why when your a bride do people think the only thing you want to talk about is the wedding..

I don’t want to talk about it.. I’m nervous and excited and I don’t have everything in place.. but I’m not worried about it as what will be will be.. I have a venue, vicar, food, marquee, photographer, flowers, band and most importantly a man who wants to marry me.. what more is there..?

just wanted to get this off my chest.. off to yoga as still looking for perfection on body front and still a long way off...

what will be will be...  what will be will be.... what will be will be...

i want...

I looove it soooooo much.. but is it worth it..?

the alexa bag by Mulberry..


knit one purl one..

after a weekend of loveliness.. bbq, pub, cocktails and dancing in the living room with amazing friends.. i'm still feeling a little fuzzy headed. but woop woop we have chosen A LOT of tunes to play at the wedding..

so.... on our way to work today noticed that all the yellow rape is starting to appear with made me think of this company. Purl Alpaca Designs - we did a online shop for them last year and they're a lovely, small company that design and sell knitting packs which use their own home grown alpaca yarn.

the designs are created by a very talented design Keri-Helene and have all the yarn and instructions needed to create these beautiful garments.. i haven't tried one yet.. never have the time and also if I did I'd want to do the most beautiful, difficult and expensive one - Olivia.. but hey I'm sure one day I'll have a little down time.. I'd love to say that I knitted something! They also have the most beautiful photos taken for each collection of which there are currently two flower fields and seashore and a new one on the way... here are a few images from each of them..

flower fields:


all images © purl alpaca designs.


shake your ass...

weekend bliss is here.. the house is clean.. the shopping done, the sun is out and friends are on the way.. let the good times roll....

so this weekend will be spent in the company of a bridesmaid and a best man and even though it's not the only thing on my mind (..?) there will be a little wedding chat to be had. we will be looking at the bridesmaid dresses designs that the amazing, beautiful, talented and wonderful bridesmaid has been working on (I am so lucky!) but also the play list. friends in question have impeccable and enthusiastic tastes in music and they and the boy have lots of fun rummaging through cd's and playing tunes we have long since forgotten about. i am useless with knowing who did what and what cd that tune is on game.. and own no cd's.. they all belong to the boy.. all mine have either been broken, lost or misplaced over the years and i never really got around to buying that many anyway.. saying that I LOVE music.. mainly for dancing but also just to listen to.. i just never think oh I like this tune, who sings this what album is this on etc.. and I now have the boy who does all that for me so i can be even lazier!

anyway rambling.... the playlist.

ever since weddingness started and party plans had to be arranged, music has definitely been on our minds.. this is our one chance to have our perfect playlist and to be dancing to music we love. we have booked an amazing band that will get everyone moving and we do have a certain say in their set.. but they also have to take a little breather once in a while so we have to fill in the gaps.

now weddings last a while so we have a few sections to fill in..

firstly the after service - meet and greet - drinks and nibble bit.. chilled out background music.. I know this should be a harp or something but budget does not stretch to that and I'm not a harp kind a girl - equally band could play jazz at this point and not play so long in the evening but... i'm a dancer and love playing on the dance floor so wouldn't want to compromise that.. umm this is the most tricky section.. as no ones going to be listening but a little gentle music can help.

next we have the just after dinner - getting ready to dance - band setting up.. is music needed throughout that..? Or do we need background music on throughout dinner..? so many questions..

then I think the band will play three 45 minute sets with breaks in between.. this is where the main filling is needed.. dance tunes that people love and know but a few dancier unusual and old ones thrown in..

lastly after most of the guests have gone and the few hardcore friends who know how to party remain, we can go back to the good old days and break out those old dance tunes that we love and make you put your hands in the air and go yes..

something I feel we will be doing a lot this weekend.. hope you all enjoy the sunshine..

illustration by me


series 1 landie love

oh I am loving this weather... sun, blue skies that little heat that is bringing all the trees and srubs to life.. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

so I have lots of wedding stuff to talk about.. but still no time. once the iPad comes out I'll be able to play blogs so much more.. but at the moment I must lie on the sofa and watch as the boy spends all evening working on our laptop. what can you do..? so I blame all my blogless nights on Apple!

anyway I just wanted to share these picies with you. this is Ruttie the series 1 landie that my dad has lovingly back to life. he's had new paint, roof and all his insides worked on to make him perrr.. this is the first series 1 my dad has worked on so he is very proud of it. in celebration of completion we took him for a little spin up to the church and to see the cows for a little photoshoot.

church farm landrovers


house dreams

lottery house - life find.

I would so love a house like this.. light, airy, crisp, simple lines and in a wood by a river. all I need now is some beautiful little children some amazing rustic cooking skills and an easel and oils to create some beautiful canvases..

oh and a couple of million!

design by WRB via this beautiful blog x


wellies wedding

I looove this image... has a feel of what I want our day to be.. fresh, fun, simple and stylish. ohh and green!

to see the rest of the images click here - found via Once Wed


today I want....

all of these... It's very rare that I fall in love with a whole collection but honestly I want everything from Secret Squirrel's current winter collection...



four more projects and a 5 year old!

another busy week.. we've just had four more projects confirmed adding to the mountain we've already got to climb. i think we now have enough work to last us all year! I have reminded the boy that in the middle of the year we will have to take a little time off for a certain occasion.. I think he'll still be working and replying emails whilst he's standing at the altar! really mustn't grumble and not grumbling just a little overwhelmed.. 

so.. on my own in the office.. hence the cheeky post! the boy has gone to get his 5 year old brother who is staying with us till the weekend. very exciting as I get to play with him all tomorrow (whilst the boy works - poor thing but we really have no choice).. so to help i've roped in my maid.o.h.. so excited as I never get that much time to see her.. have no idea what the plan is yet but i'm sure we'll have fun. well we will have fun.. whether a 5 year old boy will enjoy the company of two silly girls is another thing!

anyway back to the slog..


wellies back


I'm back - I hope for good.. I've been missing my little blogging world.  how are we all..?

i'm good.. not going to lie have had a funny couple of weeks.. but i think I'm over it. my funny turn I have decided was caused by the lose of my engagement ring as it was being resized.. it arrived back yesterday and I have to say since then i've been feeling a lot more like myself. the power of the ring!

wedding wise i'm still cool - am i the only one..? - i've very much got the attitude of what will be will be.. even though today we've had a bit of a blow.. not going to talk about it yet as I don't want it to be real.. and i'm still very positive it will all turn out all right! I have got to start thinking wedding bit's again though as the time is flying by! was all alone and ill over bank holiday as the boy was away and i did catch myself giggling in the window practicing my wedding walk.. it's going to be so serial.. i think i'll be a mixture of laughing and crying! haven't played that game for years and it did make the wedding seem a lot more real and i guess more about the day and less about the decorating! arrr I'm so excited.

back to now life.. what a lovely couple of days we've had! we celebrated the warmth with our first bbq at lunch. pork burgers with all the trimming and some yummy sausages thrown into the mix.. bbq was nearly ruined by naughty dogs (Dave and Lewis) deciding to make a break for freedom and go bunny hunting a field away... they we're finally reined in after a lot of calling and walking around they were then locked in the loo as punishment!

anyway it's Friday night so it's curry night.. we've just finished work so must run. off to lon-di-lion for a friends birthday.. bring on the lemongrass cocktails! woop woop.. see you next week..

naughty dogs


mum and dads garden in full bloom..