bad day

see this is why I love blog world..

I have just had a silly emotional conversation with my mum about all of this weddingness.. more specifically balloons! it was horrid and ended in tears.. and a not very productive day at work! I 've just popped onto to my spare thoughts who also seems to be suffering from the bride blues and clicked the link onto glasgow brides post and found that they are all talking about what I'd just been trying to talk/discuss with my mum.. anyway I wrote this comment and thought in a moment of honesty post it also on my blog.. it mainly concern other peoples opinions and trying not to offend anyone.. read the post as it is beautifully written and there are some perfect comments..

so... what i’ve been trying to say today is that i don’t care.. as long as we have our day and it represents us then why should I care.. everyone has they’re own opinions and tastes and I’m sure some people will not quite get us.. but this is our day and the only way we can do it is our own way.. I will not turn into bridezilla. I will not turn into bridezilla.

I want this to be fun.. this is important.. it just seems that everyone else is a lot more interested than I thought they would be .. why when your a bride do people think the only thing you want to talk about is the wedding..

I don’t want to talk about it.. I’m nervous and excited and I don’t have everything in place.. but I’m not worried about it as what will be will be.. I have a venue, vicar, food, marquee, photographer, flowers, band and most importantly a man who wants to marry me.. what more is there..?

just wanted to get this off my chest.. off to yoga as still looking for perfection on body front and still a long way off...

what will be will be...  what will be will be.... what will be will be...


  1. yes yes yes - thank you. Currently fretting about invitations, why do we just not email people it is a bit of card for heavens sake. humph. Hugs back at you. x

  2. oh hugs too, I've come home from work tonight down in the dumps, its comforting to know others are feeling the same. that sounded better in my head.

  3. oh dear, that argument doesn't sound fun... but that's good that others are feeling the same. makes me a bit nervous for when we get organised about our wedding - as I suspect I will be a bridezilla about things! hope the yoga chilled you out a bit x

  4. Oh hugs to you too. I flip from really not caring apart from actually getting married to really "needing" all those tiny details.

    I wish I could offer practical help. Although there is a difference between being a true bridezilla and knowing what you want.

  5. Oh dear - poor you! I'm sure you're much better now (only just getting round to blog reading so a bit behind the times)but I've had more than a few moments like this - they are yukky and they pass.
    You've got a good mantra there though so stick to that. Mine is "This is all for fun - we're doing this for fun" - that's how I try and keep perspective anyway, otherwise what's the point?