four more projects and a 5 year old!

another busy week.. we've just had four more projects confirmed adding to the mountain we've already got to climb. i think we now have enough work to last us all year! I have reminded the boy that in the middle of the year we will have to take a little time off for a certain occasion.. I think he'll still be working and replying emails whilst he's standing at the altar! really mustn't grumble and not grumbling just a little overwhelmed.. 

so.. on my own in the office.. hence the cheeky post! the boy has gone to get his 5 year old brother who is staying with us till the weekend. very exciting as I get to play with him all tomorrow (whilst the boy works - poor thing but we really have no choice).. so to help i've roped in my maid.o.h.. so excited as I never get that much time to see her.. have no idea what the plan is yet but i'm sure we'll have fun. well we will have fun.. whether a 5 year old boy will enjoy the company of two silly girls is another thing!

anyway back to the slog..

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  1. he looks like one fun dude - enjoy your weekend!