i want...

I looove it soooooo much.. but is it worth it..?

the alexa bag by Mulberry..


  1. Yes, yes, yes. I (nearly) always carry a Mulberry. They really last and are excellent quality (just to make it clear, I don't work for them!).

    The Alexa is such a great shape too... Go for it!

  2. Oh it is beautiful, but no no no, maybe, no, yes yes yes, ooops, no.

  3. I aboslutely love this Mulberry bag! I have the Bayswater but this is so much cuter and quirkier! Love the blog, SO glad I stumbled upon it! x LZ

  4. Hmmm...great bag, and a very timeless style. If you are someone who will carry the same bag for a long time then I would say absolutely yes....but I have no idea how much it costs, and I'm pretty cheap when it comes to bags. I love your blog, and I'm a new follower. TAke Care, Carrie