knit one purl one..

after a weekend of loveliness.. bbq, pub, cocktails and dancing in the living room with amazing friends.. i'm still feeling a little fuzzy headed. but woop woop we have chosen A LOT of tunes to play at the wedding..

so.... on our way to work today noticed that all the yellow rape is starting to appear with made me think of this company. Purl Alpaca Designs - we did a online shop for them last year and they're a lovely, small company that design and sell knitting packs which use their own home grown alpaca yarn.

the designs are created by a very talented design Keri-Helene and have all the yarn and instructions needed to create these beautiful garments.. i haven't tried one yet.. never have the time and also if I did I'd want to do the most beautiful, difficult and expensive one - Olivia.. but hey I'm sure one day I'll have a little down time.. I'd love to say that I knitted something! They also have the most beautiful photos taken for each collection of which there are currently two flower fields and seashore and a new one on the way... here are a few images from each of them..

flower fields:


all images © purl alpaca designs.


  1. lovely, my favorite is the first one, it looks like the kind of thing to thrown around the house or for a great long Spring and Fall walk!

  2. That's Olivia.. the one I would love! I also adore the image and think I might have to run through the fields this weekend to try and replicate it! just need to find some beautiful knitwear to adorn myself with!

  3. Oh, and I mentioned you and linked in my blog today!