series 1 landie love

oh I am loving this weather... sun, blue skies that little heat that is bringing all the trees and srubs to life.. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

so I have lots of wedding stuff to talk about.. but still no time. once the iPad comes out I'll be able to play blogs so much more.. but at the moment I must lie on the sofa and watch as the boy spends all evening working on our laptop. what can you do..? so I blame all my blogless nights on Apple!

anyway I just wanted to share these picies with you. this is Ruttie the series 1 landie that my dad has lovingly back to life. he's had new paint, roof and all his insides worked on to make him perrr.. this is the first series 1 my dad has worked on so he is very proud of it. in celebration of completion we took him for a little spin up to the church and to see the cows for a little photoshoot.

church farm landrovers


  1. Love it! I am so in Love with it! Congrats Dad! Superb Job!

  2. Only you can make a landie look glam!

  3. that landrover is siiiiiiiiick!