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weekend bliss is here.. the house is clean.. the shopping done, the sun is out and friends are on the way.. let the good times roll....

so this weekend will be spent in the company of a bridesmaid and a best man and even though it's not the only thing on my mind (..?) there will be a little wedding chat to be had. we will be looking at the bridesmaid dresses designs that the amazing, beautiful, talented and wonderful bridesmaid has been working on (I am so lucky!) but also the play list. friends in question have impeccable and enthusiastic tastes in music and they and the boy have lots of fun rummaging through cd's and playing tunes we have long since forgotten about. i am useless with knowing who did what and what cd that tune is on game.. and own no cd's.. they all belong to the boy.. all mine have either been broken, lost or misplaced over the years and i never really got around to buying that many anyway.. saying that I LOVE music.. mainly for dancing but also just to listen to.. i just never think oh I like this tune, who sings this what album is this on etc.. and I now have the boy who does all that for me so i can be even lazier!

anyway rambling.... the playlist.

ever since weddingness started and party plans had to be arranged, music has definitely been on our minds.. this is our one chance to have our perfect playlist and to be dancing to music we love. we have booked an amazing band that will get everyone moving and we do have a certain say in their set.. but they also have to take a little breather once in a while so we have to fill in the gaps.

now weddings last a while so we have a few sections to fill in..

firstly the after service - meet and greet - drinks and nibble bit.. chilled out background music.. I know this should be a harp or something but budget does not stretch to that and I'm not a harp kind a girl - equally band could play jazz at this point and not play so long in the evening but... i'm a dancer and love playing on the dance floor so wouldn't want to compromise that.. umm this is the most tricky section.. as no ones going to be listening but a little gentle music can help.

next we have the just after dinner - getting ready to dance - band setting up.. is music needed throughout that..? Or do we need background music on throughout dinner..? so many questions..

then I think the band will play three 45 minute sets with breaks in between.. this is where the main filling is needed.. dance tunes that people love and know but a few dancier unusual and old ones thrown in..

lastly after most of the guests have gone and the few hardcore friends who know how to party remain, we can go back to the good old days and break out those old dance tunes that we love and make you put your hands in the air and go yes..

something I feel we will be doing a lot this weekend.. hope you all enjoy the sunshine..

illustration by me

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