wedding dress crush

i was blessed with my mothers fine pins.. so I did toy with the idea of a short dress.. but it just didn't feel weddingney enough.. I'm doing this once so I think you kinda have to do it right and go with those gut instincts. saying that I always love brides in short wedding dresses and how beautiful is this one.. simple, fun, chic and classy..

umm just what shoes to go with it...

dress by Lanvin found here....


  1. that is a gorgeous dress :)
    I had that feeling too, that I would regret not wearing a full length on later in life, that and my mum might have flipped...

  2. I say if you can pull it off, do it! This dress is absolutely stunning! How lovely is this dress!!! I agree...it is fun and classy at at the same time. But then again, it is Lanvin:)

  3. Oh you should have gone with it! I had a short dress, in December, and LOVED it! There aren't many long dress opportunities in life but what's the point of choosing a floor-skimmer if it's not you (it most definitely wasn't me!) although they can look jaw-dropping.

  4. I love this! A short wedding dress is so chic- especially if you are blessed with the legs to carry it off! What about two dresses? Wear the short one to the reception?
    P.S If you do please let us know so I can live vicariously through you ;)

  5. Oh love the short dress. Mmm Lanvin.

  6. These kind of short wedding dress will suit for the short ones..Love this wedding dress..Especially the design and the texture.